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11 Proven Secrets to Make Users Fall-in-Love with Your App – Part II

… and keep ’em coming back for more




We hope you enjoyed reading the first part of this article. If you haven’t, you can read it here. As promised, we are back with 5 more secrets to make users love your app and keep them loving you.


By now, you must’ve got what we were trying to say – People define apps; apps don’t define people. Treat them as a mere number and they’ll treat your app as another icon that is better left on the app store than their screen. Your users are not just users; those are real people behind the screens – People with dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Help them succeed and achieve their personal and professional goals and you’ll start succeeding as well!


7. Buy Their Problems to Sell Your Solutions

Make their lives easier


Most businesses ask the same question – How do we sell our solutions better? While the question that they should really be asking is – How do we buy their problems better? To get them interested in the solutions you offer, you have to take interest in the problems they face.


Too often, too many apps make this mistake – While developing their apps, they myopically focus on getting the latest features in their app’s arsenal while turning a blind eye to the problems they are trying to solve. An app is not just an app, it’s an experience that enrich people’s lives. In the words of Steve Jobs, your product should make the world a better place to live, even if, by a bit. Create an app that resonates with your users’ needs. Prioritize their problems and they’ll buy your solutions instead of your competitors'.


8. ‘Push’ Notifications to ‘Pull’ them

Send right message to the right person at the right time


Enough reading. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and think about your favourite app for a minute. Does any of them bug you with irrelevant, ill-timed and rather frequent push messages? In all likelihood, no. When sending push to your users, you’ve to remember the five-dollar word – Funambulist. It means a tight rope walker. While sending out push notifications and in-app messages to your users, be a funambulist. Everytime you send a push message to the user, you are walking on a thin line between annoying and engaging. A wee bit wrong – is way too wrong! If your message ends up bugging your user at 2:00 A.M in the morning costing him his sweet dreams, he might not just opt out of push but delete the app altogether. Keep your message relevant, concise, and actionable and timed rightly. Here’s a good example – “Happy B’day Abby! We are pleased to gift you an exclusive 50% discount coupon on our winter range. Enjoy!”


9. Be Approachable

Knock, knock … anybody home?


Picture this – One of your users try to call you, mail you or post on social, but receives no reply. Can you really blame him for not sticking around? The communication gap leaves him with no choice but look for other businesses offering similar products/services. You’ve to be present when the customer needs you. It’s totally understandable if you, or your employees, can’t personally address every message but you can always have an auto-respond system to their mails or calls. If your customer approaches you and you’re busy passing the bucks, he’ll simply move on! In stark contrast, responding promptly to users’ questions and feedback will help you score points.


10. Turn Negative Reviews into Positive Ones

Perception is fragile. Handle with care


The simple psychology is that one bad review holds more weight than ten good ones and is totally capable of undoing the high ratings and raving reviews you had so painstakingly earned. Though, from our experience, it isn’t all bad! If you spin negative reviews as an asset, it becomes a powerful engine for constant improvement and growth.There’s enormous value in being at the receiving end of criticism.


It might sound counter-intuitive, but users are frustrated because they need you to be as much successful as much as you do and by lending you a negative review they are helping you to. All they want you to do is being receptive to their feedback without resorting to defensiveness and offer viable solutions to set the wrongs right. Build a robust supporting channel to address and solve the challenges and problems faced by your users. Be obsessive about making them happy. Doing something as ‘Small’ as sending a personalised sorry note can make a ‘Big’ difference to turn haters into evangelists.


11. Let’ em Spread the Love

There’s no such thing as unannounced love


Okay! Enough about how to win back unhappy lovers and customers. Here’s how to make the most of happy ones to grow your app organically. The first thing is to drive them to rate and review your app. That might sound easy but the fact is, happy customers are less driven to appreciate than unhappy customers to complain. That’s just human! But there are many creative ways to make your happy users write a review for you – Run sweepstakes for reviewers, feature their reviews or simply incentivize your way to get them writing!


Follow these simple rules of love and you'll have the world clicking its way to your app.


What can be a better way to end an article on cultivating customer love than a Michael Bubble’s song – Let’s give love and get some back. The more you give, the more you'll have.


So give more love than you expect to have and you’ll have more love than you expect.


P.S. – Remember, these are industry secrets. Do not give them away!


How To Create Your Own App




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