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11 Proven Secrets to Make Users Fall-in-Love with Your App – Part I

… and keep’em coming back for more




So you want to make users head over heels in love with your app – Well, who isn’t? The screaming question is HOW. Getting your app loved is one of the best kept secrets in the app ecosystem. The Amazons, Angry Birds and Instagrams know it and making the most of it. With our 11 app marketing secrets, your app might etch its name as well, in the league of top performing apps on the store.


1. Get the First Impression Right

Mind it, it matters


At the cost of sounding cliché, we are saying this – First Impressions Matter, more so on the app store, where 80-90% of all downloaded apps are used just once before getting deleted altogether (Source: Compuware). Think of your first encounter with your user as going out on a first date.Bring out your brand personality – It can be a well-dressed executive, an astute analyst, a smart jester or an unabashed outlier. The point is to build an emotional connect with your users. Moreover, the first few points of interaction are crucial and can make or break your business. You’ve to tread carefully while sending out push opt-in message, rating prompt, or the first push notification.

2. Listen to ’em

… and not just hear


“He/she stopped listening”


This is one of the most common reasons why couples break up! It’s no different in a business-customer relationship. Businesses stop listening and that’s when customers turn away!Listen to them and implement their suggestions and more importantly, let them know that you did! Make them a part of your business and product building. Say, one of your users receive this –


“You suggested that our ‘Add to Cart’ buttons should be bigger. That’s a wonderful suggestion. We are on the way to implementing it. Thanks for your valuable feedback. We’ll keep you posted.”


The end result – Your user feels, he’s being listened to. Can there be a better way to score points with your users and make them feel validated?

3. Surprise ’em

Surprise, surprise! Who’s up for it?


Who doesn’t love surprises? Throw in a little surprise for your users every now and then, inciting enough to make them say wow! Very few businesses realise the marketing value of giving surprises and even those which do, make it a ‘blue moon’ thing. Psychologists say when the love seems to fade away, the best way to re-kinder the flames is to get back to the things you used to do when you met them the first time. Think of all the things which brought them to your business at the first place.


Contrary to what many marketers might have you believed, you need not go overboard. Think of all the sweet, little things you can do for your users to make them feel pampered – Free upgrades, free shipping, free gift wrapping, exclusive passes for upcoming events, and so forth. They’ll reciprocate with raving reviews and 5 star ratings and the best of all, referrals.

4. Keep Updating Your App

Be much muchier, never lose your muchness


The best apps live by the philosophy – Future is now. You got to constantly update your app with new features and functionality to keep customers on their toes. Better yet, do it before others and better than others.Updating your app in response to users’ feedback helps you improve the user experience, earns you the credibility of the users, and drive more downloads. With Instappy’s built-in CMS, it’s easier than ever to make quick, unlimited updates to your app.

5. Offer Loyalty Cards

If nothing else works, this will


The concept of ‘loyalty rewards’ is quite archaic. But it doesn’t seem to borne itself out. As matter of fact, with the advent of mobile apps, it’s more popular than ever. For those of you who don’t know, Loyalty Cards work like this – Everytime your customer buy something, he makes some points, and get it redeemed in the form of cashback, discount or freebies. The more frequent a user makes a purchase, the more points he gets to earn. Simple as that! Running loyalty programs is a marketer’s way of rewarding the regulars. Like a double edged sword, it serves two purposes – Bringing in new users and keeping the existing ones hooked!

6. Measure How Much You’re Loved

Deploying smart analytics can do the trick


Interestingly, ‘Customer Love’ is the most essential yet the least sought after metric in the app analytics. On one side, it’s the ONE thing that keeps the customers coming back for more. On the other, no business even talks about it! And may be, for the right reasons. How can you measure something that doesn’t even have a definition? Love eludes us all, more so customer love.


Many businesses make the mistake of equating high number of downloads with customer love. It’s not! A better way to gauge customer love is to observe how your customers interact with your app. Look at the key metrics – Conversion Rate, Session Length and Interval, Mobile Device Usage, Screen Flow and the best of them all, Customer Lifetime Value (LTV). Simply put, it is the sum total of the overall revenue generated by a user from the moment he downloads the app to the moment he abandons it. That’s the closest any metric can come to measuring customer love. LTV helps a business to invest in those users who love you the most and generate the highest revenue. Or maybe love is one of those things that can’t be quantified in numbers. Nevertheless, you can always reach out to your users and ask them one-on-one about their in-app experience.


No matter what you do, always remember, earning customer love and loyalty is not a one-time gig and there’s no happily ever after. It is something that has to be nurtured over a long time through persistent efforts. Think of it as a fruit that takes a while to ripen after you seed the plant.


Did we leave you asking for more? Fret not! We’ll be giving out 5 more secrets to get your app loved in the next post. Stay tuned!


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