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2015 – The Year of App Revolution

The year 2015 is believed to be the year of mobile apps for the Indian market. With the increased penetration of smartphones, tablets and advancement of 3G and 4G networks, India is levitating fiercely towards an app revolution in the country. According to Deloitte's India Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecom (TMT) Predictions 2015 report, India is likely to see about 9 billion mobile app downloads during 2015, which is 5 times more than 1.56 billion in 2012.


Fast Track Revenue

Mobile apps are an effective medium to collect revenue as their convenience earns brownie points on the value-for-money index. The Deloitte India's TMT Predictions 2015 report claims that revenues from paid apps are estimated to exceed Rs. 1500 crore in the current year, which is almost double of Rs. 900 crore collected last year. This increment is driven by increased app usage on smartphones because of their easy accessibility which gels well with today's fast-track lifestyle.


Simple Economic Apply

More demand mandates more supply. This simple rule of economics applies to mobile apps as well. Increased demand of mobile based applications from the Indian audience means more opportunity in the app development sector along with a lot of diversity in terms of concepts and design layout. India currently has around 3,00,000 app developers and is the second largest Android developer community  worldwide after the United States. The number of app developers in the country is likely to increase drastically and the country may have the largest base of developers by 2017.


Revolution Ready India

Jolyon Barker, global TMT leader of Deloitte states that India’s app economy is already making its mark in the global arena and this bodes well for consumers, businesses and app developers alike.  “The app economy’s true potential can be realised if network coverage increases, smartphone penetration continues to rise and the ‘absorptive capacity’ of the Indian population towards new technology grows through schemes that promote digital awareness and literacy" said Deloitte in its report.On these lines, it is expected that there would be a significant uprise of 4G dongles to meet the escalating growth in mobile data traffic which warrants high speed connectivity.


With the growing need to digitize their business, entrepreneurs around the world are investing heavily in mobile apps to meet the digital appetite for today's fast-thinkers. This can be a great opportunity to promote your business and take it to masses- by an app. To simplify it for you, platforms like Instappy are out there, that are intuitive, innovative, and do not require any coding. It has readymade app templates that you can customise as per your requirements and make your mark in this prospering segment. It is a market that is growing everyday and contributing to the app revolution that experts feel will come about in 2015.


How To Create Your Own App




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