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3 Cool New Features to Try this Summer!

Nothing is more exciting than treating your app to a seasonal update. To rev up your summer, the team at Instappy lab has just launched spiffy new features for your app. These stunning features will help your app to standout and give competitors a run for their money. The best of it all – These are easy-to-add features. You can implement them on your own without having to hire any professional app designers and developers.


1. 360° Videos – A whole new way to see!

360° video is a remarkable immersive technology that enable the viewers to take control of their viewing experience. Unlike conventional videos, 360° videos allow the viewers to look around in all directions, making the whole experience more life-like. As a viewer, you feel like you are right in the middle of the scene as if you are standing there. By turning your device sideways, dragging your finger on the touchscreen or toggling the 360° view button, you can move around within the video, exploring every angle, bringing the scene come alive.


A few years back, 360° videos was limited to virtual reality headsets. Instappy’s 360° video feature has bridged that need, allowing you to upload and playback spherical videos on your own app without writing a single line of code. Letting your users access 360° videos in-app has staggering implications for small businesses. Whether you own a retail store or a multi-cuisine restaurant; a plush gym or a music studio, you can give your users a vivid walk-through of your business, right within your app, taking their experience to a new level!

2. Audio Card – Let the music play!

A story is incomplete without the right sounds. Usually, brands share audio content on their app through SoundCloud links. But that means driving away users from your app. You don’t want that. What if you can let them listen to your audio content without ever having to leave your app?


That’s what Instappy’s audio card do for your app. A single tap and your users can listen to music, podcasts and webinars directly on your iOS and Android apps. On Instappy, adding audio cards to your app is super intuitive and involves no coding – Anyone can do it. Your audience is listening – Deliver audio content in style!

3. Running Contests – Everyone gets to win!

Running a contest on your app is a power-packed way to create a buzz around your products, generate leads, improve engagement and drive revenues. According to a study conducted by HubSpot, a contest campaign can bring upto 34% new users. But running contests means a whole lot of coding. Doesn’t it? Nope, not at Instappy. Be surprised – Setting up contests doesn’t get any easier! Create and launch your next contest campaign in minutes with no coding required.


Whether you are planning to run giveaways or sweepstakes; photo contests or a quiz, Instappy’s contest card lets you do it all, quick and easy, at optimal costs. Plus, you get complete control over how users enter and participate in the contest. What’s more? The campaigns are totally scalable. Whether you are eyeing at a target audience of a few hundreds or a million, Instappy helps you go the distance. Better yet, you can customise the look and feel of your giveaway, to the last details, so it matches your brand. So get ready to set up, launch and promote your next contest campaign with Instappy!


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