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4 Stunning Templates: To Take Your Business Forward

In the pursuit of finding new ways to acquire, engage and convert customers, more and more businesses are going mobile via native apps. But building apps from the scratch is a lot trickier than it appears to be. Spending hours on wireframing, coding, conceiving and executing designs can be drilling and financially exhausting.


But what if we tell you that gorgeous apps can be built without knowing tech, investing high costs, waiting for months or hiring pro designers? With our built for success pre-designed templates, building apps is easier, faster and way less costlier than custom app development. Using our templates, SMBs are building native apps on their own and giving larger players a run for their money.


You can do it too! Time to ditch coding and start building winning apps through our featured templates.                    

Create Your Own Travel App

1. Travel


The travellers today expect their mobile devices to take care of everything be it getting destination information, setting itinerary, booking tickets, grabbing the best deals, finding nearby restaurants or integrating social feeds. Our travel templates for iOS and Android feature superior design and functionality to do all this and more.



Use this gorgeous UI in 3 easy steps.


  •  Click on sign up
  •  Select the travel template 
  •  Start building your app


2. RestaurantCreate Your Own Restaurant App


They say the culinary experience starts not with the palate but the eyes. Our pre-designed restaurant templates are perfectly aligned for an eatery to showcase menus and galleries, collect customer feedback, update specialty of the day, run mobile loyalty programs, take reservations, and send geo-smart push notifications to your customers.


Use this gorgeous UI in 3 easy steps.



Create Your Own Blog App

3. Blog


Turning your blog into a mobile app not only makes it more accessible to your target audience but also enables you to stay active in the blogosphere on the go. With our blog templates, you can turn your content into unique interactive mobile experiences. Create and edit posts on the go, upload pictures and videos, keep a tab on readers’ comments, add hyperlinks and integrate social media into your blog.



Use this gorgeous UI in 3 easy steps.


  •  Click on sign up
  •  Select the blog template 
  •  Start building your app



4. Fashion RetailCreate Your Own Fashion App


Brick-and-mortar fashion retailers are moving to mobile at an unprecedented rate, and for the right reasons. More and more fashion shoppers are searching and shopping on mobile. Our retail templates boast of gorgeous UI to stun fashion shoppers and host a galore of features to help you make the most of your business – Unlimited product categories, inventory management, secure payment gateway, rich media widgets and social APIs and more.


Use this gorgeous UI in 3 easy steps.



Here’s How to Get Started


Once you choose one of the featured templates suiting your unique business needs, you’ll be directed to the app creation screen. Here you can start shaping up your app the way you like it. Through a guided, step-by-step process, our intuitive interface lets you add layouts, content, images, utilities and buttons to your app with ease. Our templates feature unlimited customisation, enabling you to work on the look and feel of your app till it become uniquely yours.


Once you are done customising your app, you can preview it on Instappy Wizard. Just in case you don’t like the template or the way your app is shaping up, you can simply drag and re-position the elements on the app preview simulator – As simple as that!


Get the Instappy Advantage


Designers and developers often see aesthetics and functionality as either/or situation. But prioritising one at the expense of the other ends up hurting your user experience. The way your app looks matter a lot and so does its functionality. Don’t care for the looks, and you lose your user. Overlook the functionality, and you lose your credibility. Is it too much to ask for both? Our built for success pre-designed templates are perfect for businesses and individuals looking to find the fine balance between looks and functionality. Perfectly aligned to meet your unique needs and challenges, we help you tell your story in a visually stunning and seamless manner, while providing top notch functionality.


While building these templates we keep the ‘end’ users at the ‘start’. So you get templates that are unique, ready-to-go with a few clicks and customisable to the last details so as to suit the tonality of your brand and industry. Transcend the coding paradigms and save yourself hundreds of hours that would otherwise be spent on mulling over the wireframe or boggling over coding.


Liked our featured templates? Visit Instappy and start creating your own fully functional native app in six simple steps!


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