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Citizen developers are on a rise: 5 things to look out for before you ‘Do It Yourself’

Mobile applications have revolutionized the way people eat, travel, shop, and interact with one another. With consumers measuring brand value in terms of experiences, small businesses are gradually realizing the indispensability of business apps for brand building, loyalty and growth.


But that’s history. What’s worth discussing is how app building platforms have revolutionized mobile app development for the world. Today DIY app makers are empowering SMEs to carry out location-based marketing, loyalty programs etc. at the push of a button. 


With instant app builders addressing all your apprehensions on getting an app for your business, a citizen developers revolution is poised to grow as predicted by Gartner, where all it takes is a few drags and drops to bring a fully functional mobile app to life. 


The market has quite a few mobile app development platforms, but, before you narrow down on one, let’s understand what goes into the process and what factors differentiate one solution from the other.


Value – The simplicity and ingenuity of DIY app builders come in exchange of a price that’s a fraction of what you may incur after investing months on an app building agency. However, app still remains a long-term investment that has to promise value in the longer run.


Figure out your objective. More often than not, an app is a long-term brand property unless you have built it to inform and capture registrations for a short-term event. Does your app builder allow you to make custom changes to your app to help it retain its continuing relevance? It’s important to sign up on a platform which is robust enough to give you the flexibility of adding custom features without having to rebuild the app, say adding a live chat support to handle customer queries or running a customer loyalty program by integrating promo codes or coupons.


Pay attention to the fine lines. Will you be charged on appdownloads? Would your app maker impose a transaction fee every time your customer places an order? Ideally, after building an app, you should be able to reap the benefits of your app without being charged at every step.


Customizations ­- In the rat race of brands, uniqueness sells. Nobody wants to be looking like everybody else! Besides customization is important to keep reinventing your brand based on app analytics and users’ feedback.


How smooth is it to update your app? Can you make your app uniquely yours? Does your app look like most of the apps made on the platform?


Choose a DIY platform that offers high-level of customization and flexibility allowing you to create an app that speaks for your business. Customized background images, color schemes and texture, customized splash screen and icons help you make an impression in the app market.


Instappy’s built-in CMS and limitless customization option helps making updates in your app easier than ever.


Features – Ease of use is what makes one app maker score over the other. Features that help you manage content, communication, inventory, transactions, troubleshooting, customer service etc., will make your life with your app instantly easier. Push notification, location-based/geotargeted services, social media integration, app management tools, live customer support, HD photo and video gallery integration have become somehow very important for brands that believe in customer experience.


What does the platform offer to help you reach your goals, like customer acquisition, retention, brand loyalty, sales etc.?


Check out our range of more than 50 features built to drive value to your app and consequently your business.


Native vs Hybrid apps –This long-standing debate resolves with an answer to this question-


How keen are you on giving your customers top-notch experience on the app?


Businesses no matter how small, do realize that the user is at the core of every decision. With customer experience being the answer to every brand problem, it’s important to ensure that your branded app steers clear of security concerns, loading-delays, slow and interrupted navigation, lack of responsiveness etc. Native apps are clear winners when your bet is on customer experience.


  • Do you want your application to have full access to all device hardware and functionality?
  • Do you want a fluid, high responsive app user interface?
  • Do you want your application to processes video, audio or images?


If yes, make sure your app builder provides purely native apps that promise speed, security, performance and most of all, seamless user experience.


Hosting – Does your app builder allow you to host your app in the cloud? The answer has to be a ‘yes’ if you believe in solutions that promise security, reliability and scalability. If your app is slow to load, one of the reasons could be your hosting solution not being scalable enough. Cloudhosted apps come with increased bandwidth so that you are ready for the peak season rush.


With the advent of app builders, the struggle to build an app ceases. However, smart decisions are a result of asking the right questions at the right time. The above given checklist will help you start right, that is decide on an app building platform that gives you the right tools to do it yourself.


Sign up for a free app building consultation with Instappy and discover how we can help you build an app that can help you take closer to your business goals.


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