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6 App Marketing Hacks to Make the Most of This Holiday Season

Merry Christmas – Wish It Like You Mean It!


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”


Sure it is. Halloween just passed. Christmas is around the corner. Shops are embellished with wreaths, glowing lights are hanging around windows and the neighborhood smells like baked cookies. Celebration is in the air, and even more so for the mobile marketers. Holiday season means business!


According to IBM, mobile netted a whopping 34.8% of overall online sales on Christmas eve last year. It is this day when millions unwrap their Christmas gifts and find a new smartphone tucked in there. Sales of smartphones simply go through the roof during the holiday season, inevitably leading to a sharp spike in the new apps download. It is the perfect time to acquire new users and get closer to your existing ones. Here are 6 kick-ass app marketing hacks to help you squeeze the best of this holiday season!


1. Invite the Guests

Bring in More Users to Your App


To get more people downloading your app, place your app’s QR code on – Storefront windows, brochures, receipts, business cards, menu, newspapers, t-shirts and giveaways – For that matter, on anything where the users can see it, scan it and land directly to your app. Instappy powered apps come loaded with custom QR code generator. One more smart way to bring in more users to download your app is sending out holiday themed EDMs with in-app discount coupon to prospects. Obviously, they’ll have to download your app to get it redeemed. That might sound old school. But let us tell you – With an ROI of 4000%, emailers still remain the most effective marketing tool.

2. Get in the Festive Mood

Prep Your App for Christmas


Customers who venture out for holiday shopping – brick-and-mortar or in-app – are not just hunting for deals but also for memorable experiences. Stores and apps that are decked up in the festive spirit get more footfall than those that aren’t. If your app isn’t prepped for the holidays, you can’t really blame users to go elsewhere quenching their shopping pangs. So better add a seasonal theme to your app. At Instappy, you get a galore of beautiful templates which are fully customisable to help you get the ho ho holiday feeling for your app. Adding holiday themed imagery to your app is easy too!With CMS feature, Instappy lets you make unlimited updates to your app and involves no coding.

3. Santa Brought You Gifts

Think of Unique Gift Ideas


Who doesn’t love getting gifts? And more so, when Christmas eve is around the corner. Dole out some gifts to your users. Offer limited time sales, deals and discounts, free coupons, specials and more. Let them know, when you say, Merry Christmas, you mean it! It’s perfectly okay if you can’t give huge discounts like the Amazons and eBays. Think creative and you can give the big guys a run for their money. How about gift cards? According to Accenture, most people (57%) prefer giving gift cards as a holiday gift. Instead of something monetary, you can offer something that impacts app purchases like in-app bonuses, promo codes, free downloads, etc. Sometimes doing something as simple as sending a thank you email or free gift wrapping can go a long way to get greetings and repeated visits from users.


By the way, did we tell you, this Christmas, we are playing Santa for our new clients extending upto 50% discount on all our packages? Click the offer to know more.

4. Get the Word Out

Business Apps - Christmas OfferSend Scheduled Push Notifications


Now when you have got a decent number of downloads, it’s time you engage your users with personalized push notifications and targeted in-app messages. Check our Instappy’s updated feature that lets you schedule your push messages in any time zone for any part of the world, so you catch your users when and where it matters! Use holiday-themed imagery and copy in your messages to keep up the festive spirit.

5. Create the Buzz

Be the Social Bee


It’s an obvious one, and the most crucial of all! Social is perhaps the best organic medium to spread the word about the amazing products and services you are offering at discounted prices. Highlight the deal of the day on Facebook and create a Christmas-exclusive board on Pinterest. Better yet, use hashtags and giveaways on Twitter. Tap all the social channels that work for your business. Even if your paid ads aren’t doing too well, social posts can do the heavy lifting and get the buzz going. Instappy comes loaded with 45+ social APIs to help you integrate you app with social.

6. Capitalize on the Holiday Rush

Create a Sense of Urgency


Shopping is not always fun. Who hasn’t frantically run from one shop to another in search of that 'just in time' bargain that will bring a smile on the faces of their loved ones? We're sure, busy fathers would agree to that! Timing is crucial and if you get it right, you can piggyback on consumers' fun-and-frenzy to drive seasonal revenue. Offer your best picks at amazing discounts to push buyers to click on ‘Buy Now’ button. Further, create a sense of urgency in your messages. Everything about your campaigns, from your banner to your social posts; from ads to special deals, should reiterate the frenzy of holiday rush, conveying the message – It’s a great offer but it’s not going to last forever.


And lastly, Think Past Holidays. Time flies, more so the holiday season. Nevertheless, shopping doesn’t end at Christmas or New Year and neither should your app marketing. A post-holiday sale is huge. When other businesses call it a day, you can go an extra mile to continue getting the business from your new app users and strengthening your relationship with the existing app users. Keep up the festive spirit with post-holiday sales and promotions.


Don’t have a mobile app for your business yet?


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Have an Appy Christmas!



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