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7 Must-Have Features in Your Android App

You have finally decided to create an Android app for your business. With nearly half of the world using Android phones, your decision to get an Android app is only going to take you up. With the advent of the newest and the most advanced member of the family, Android Lollipop, the Android phone market promises an upward surge. So, chin up, Android app owners! You have been going the right way till now.


But the success of your app completely depends on whether you please the customers downloading your app or frustrate them to a point where they press the delete button. The features of your Android app have to be strong and utile enough to bring a positive change in the customers’ lives. Below listed are 7 features, your Android app cannot do without.


1. Push Notifications

If you skip this feature, you may as well skip the idea of making an app altogether. Why? Because the purpose of making an element that resides on your customers’ phone is to keep reminding them of your brand or offerings, preferably at the right time and right opportunity. You can choose to send notifications to your customers about your product or service updates, any announcements, reminders, invites or fresh developments you want them to inform about. Android allows great scope for notifications.


In Android 5.0, notifications are called heads up notifications as they appear in a small floating window when the device is active. This gives your customers the ease of getting the updates in a glimpse. So make sure you include notifications as an important feature in your app and help your customers keep a tab on your business. Instappy comes loaded with built-in, tailored push-notification feature, enabling you to connect with your users, as and when they like it.

2. Flexibility for Unlimited Updates

For an app to be successful, it has to be dynamic. More often than not, your customers have downloaded your app to keep themselves updated on a certain service. Apps with a CMS panel that allows unlimited updates are the ones that are frequently used. Make sure your app builder has one.

3. Smart Analytics

Once it starts rolling, it is very important to measure the end-to-end value of your app. To set yourself up for success, you should have a clear vision of your app’s turn-over, so that you can work on the weak-links on time. “Insights from Google Analytics for Mobile Apps resulted in a 39% increase in store traffic”, says Mike McCarthy, Senior Brand and Community Manager, Certain Affinity.


From app discovery on the store, to the number of downloads and further to the number of in-app conversions, app analytics tool lets you measure the metric that matters to you the most. Instappy features in-app analytics dashboard, enabling you to keep a track of your app data such as downloads, usage, ratings, and revenue on a single platform.

4. Google Maps

Navigation apps are perhaps the biggest boon of technology to humans. Never have we gotten lost while looking for an address, since mobile navigation alighted from heaven for us. Cities have now become friendlier than ever. If your app has anything to do with travelling and exploring, navigation is a feature you can’t neglect.

5. Mobile Payment

This feature is proof of just how far technology has come into our lives. It can now double up as our wallet! Since m-shopping has become a trend, most of us could foresee mobile payments as the feature to follow. If yours is a retail app, it goes without saying that you ought to have mobile payment functionality for your app. Instappy features secure payment gateway to give your users a seamless shopping experience.

6. Social Integration

If a business is on the face of earth, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on social media. Your audience (young or aged, affluent or middle-class, men or women) is on social media, and there is 99% possibility of the truth of this statement. So shouldn’t you catch them when they are there connecting, socialising, relaxing and communicating? Your app should be integrated with social media platforms if you are interested in expanding your reach. Instappy lets you to deliver unified brand experience by integrating your app with 45+ social APIs.

7. One Click Contacting

You have impacted your customers through your service and of course, your app. Now if your customer wants to contact you, don’t let him memorise the 10 digits and then type it again on the keypad. One click contacting feature, lets your customers place a call by clicking on the number in your app. Remember customer convenience converts into credentials.


Instappy is a simple-to-use platform to build feature-rich native applications for iOS and Android. Turn your app idea into a mobile reality and change the way you interact with your customers.


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