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7 things which will make your app successful

Did you know that about 1600 apps are released every day? With such an abundance in the app market, one should make something extraordinary to make their app stand out from the rest. With introduction of unique apps like Instappy that is intuitive and instant, the task of creating unique has becoming relatively easy. While there is no perfect plan to make this happen, there are a few pointers that can help you achieve the goal of uniqueness. Let us understand what are they and how do they help us.


1. Design

They say 'first impression is the last impression', this holds true even in the case of app making. An app that looks good does good. This step will make your potential users want to at least give a try to your app. Also, this will help create a distinctive identity and a recognising factor for your app.


Example: If you take look at the Zomato app, you will see that it uses a selection of few colours which works great throughout the app and helps create an identity.


2. Layout

If your app is neat and clear, chances are that it won't sit pretty on someone's phone, rather become a part of their everyday lives. Try to give your app a clean look avoid making it cluttered or distorted.


Example: The Instagram app has few tiles, a selective number of filters and effects which make it easy to use.


3. Functionality

The most vital feature, functionality is the backbone of any app. Even the best graphics are ineffective if they don't function well. Make sure the buttons function fine and the app is glitch-free. Great apps run smoothly on any device, yours should too.


Example:  The Pinterest app has side-panel which helps you create new boards, viewing pins and pinning your inspirations.


4. Value

The app should provide a unique value through its service, be it in the form of entertainment or information. An app should offer its user something that no one else in their genre is offering.


Example: offers not only meanings of the words but also their synonyms, origins and uses for learners. Apart from this, there are blogs and a word of the day every day.


5. Customisation

Making customisable apps will add another feather to your cap. Apps that let users to calibrate settings to suit their taste and preferences.


Example: The Flipboard app lets you choose from 65,000+ categories to customise your digital magazine.


6. Speed

Any lags or annoying delays is a bad sign for your app, avoid them. A tip, save that clever animation for the later, not the start since it will be an unnecessary addition to an app and phone's memory.


Example: YouTube is arguably an extremely smooth running app in video apps genre and allows smooth transition between tiles and channels.


7. Uniqueness

This might come across as a hit and try, but uniqueness works, even if it is something peculiar. Making your app one of its kind increases your chances to hit a jackpot.


Example: With an old-school look and requirement of something extremely basic, tapping, the Flappybird game app created quite a furore.


The Instappy app builder makes sure you have all the ingredients to make a successful app in appropriate measures. To get started, you just have to have a great idea to work on. The rest is managed adeptly by Instappy. At the end, you get great intuitive, native mobile apps taking your business to the next level of ingenuity.


How To Create Your Own App




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