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Begin with the End: The Unlikely Wisdom on Building Apps

You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around. – Steve Jobs


While setting out to build an app, it’s easy to get lost in the details – Adding more features than your competition, getting the specifications right, and balancing the aesthetics and functionality. You know it. But here's a more important thing you might be missing – The 'core experience' your app is going to deliver. Have you defined it yet? Why would you, that’s usually the last part of building apps. Exactly! And that’s why you need to begin right there – At the end.


Users don’t want just an app, they want unique experiences that add value to their lives. App is evolving into a digitised form of experience. Even better way of putting it is –


"App is Experience, waiting to happen."


Take something as simple as a planner app. Do you think users remember it as a 20 MB iOS app by ABC Corp.? No, they don't. Rather, they see it as a smart way to manage their day to day tasks. For them, it’s just an experience. Why do users download a travel app, are they searching for trip packages or looking for adventure? Why do they have a food app, just to order a delivery or get new culinary experiences?


Think a bit deeper – It's not just an app, it’s an experience – This deceptively simple insight is behind all the app success stories. In spite of that, so few apps seem to focus on defining the core experience they are going to deliver. No wonder, 80 to 90 percent of apps are deleted by users after a single use (Source: Compuware)


Some of you might be wondering, "Okay. I get it, an app is an experience. But what difference does it make? I still have to wrap my head around features, data and technology that goes in app building." Of course, you do. But now you work on those things from users’ experiential point of view. Instead of making your app a laundry list of features, you need to shift your focus on the core experience the app is going to deliver. The core experience – That’s what matters most, that’s what the ‘end’ is, everything else is just a ‘means’ to get there. The question you should be asking is not ‘What makes a great app?’ but ‘What makes a great experience?’ And the answer is kind of universal. No matter, which corner of the earth we live in, as humans we all are craving for experiences that are unique, intuitive, coherent, dynamic and engaging. And that’s our subtle cue for building great apps.


  • Make it Unique – Psychological studies have revealed human brain abhors sameness. What it means is that users really don’t have any space in their head or on their screen for yet another app unless it promises to be a unique experience for them. If users download your app, it must be worth their while. Ditch generic! Choose an app builder that offers an array of layouts, templates and colour schemes to bring out the uniqueness of your brand. With Instappy, you can create apps with unlimited customisation.
  • Make it Intuitive – 'Intuitive' is an elusive word – Very few people know what it really means. Though we are pretty sure Einstein got it right when he said if you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself. While building your app, think of the most basic user and make it possible for him/her to open and use your app without looking for help. Say, you’re building a retail app. Make sure the user can navigate through the categories and products, get what he needs with the least number of clicks and pay on-the-go, fast and easy. That’s intuitive experience rightly delivered. A smart app building platform like Instappy allows you to build fully native apps with slick and intuitive UI.
  • Make it Coherent – It is crucial that your app delivers an optimal, coherent experience on multiple devices, be it a tablet, phablet or a smartphone. Sometimes the app elements are aligned and displayed differently on different devices. Choose an app builder that lets you to test out your app on devices of all sizes and types before you actually launch it.
  • Make it Dynamic – Change is difficult but not changing is fatal. Users tend to walk away from apps that seem to never refresh their content. Products can be static, but experiences need to be dynamic. You need to constantly update your app to add new features, refresh content and improve user experience. Choose an app builder that features CMS, enabling you to make unlimited updates to your app.  
  • Make it Engaging – Actions speak louder than downloads. If the user has downloaded your app but doesn’t use it anyway, it still means nothing. Push notification is a smart tool to make sure the users hit your app, like it and come back for more. Think of push notification as crossing by and saying ‘hi’ to a person you were once introduced to but haven’t met since a while. What push notifications do for your business is getting the person to greet you back and may be go out with you for a drink. It’s not just another mobile marketing tool. Done right, push notifications can do much more for your business – Engage users, increase traffic, and drive conversions.


Instappy is a simple-to-use platform to build fully native applications for iOS and Android. With Instappy, you can turn your app idea into a mobile reality and change the way you interact with your customers.


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