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Better Reviews Mean More Mobile App Downloads

So when did you last ask your boss, colleague or anyone you even remotely worked with for recommendations on LinkedIn? I am sure, it wasn’t too long ago. Though it works only when it’s proactive and comes from the recommender’s own will, we all know how valuable it is for that much-required element of credibility for your profile. Have you ever thought why? Because recommendations give rise to the ever-trusted phenomenon called word-of-mouth. This time the product on display is your skill and the people vouching for it are those who have experienced and got benefitted by it. The same theory works for any product. Only this time we call them ‘reviews’.


Reviews, ratings and concepts that make e-commerce an unforeseen success

With the advent of e-commerce and online shopping portals the trend of community shopping has seen the light of the day. You buy a product, love it, put in a review for everyone to see, and trigger more buys. Alternatively, you buy a product, are disappointed, write a review, and alert the prospective buyers against buying it and the manufacturer to look into the flaw. So, it won’t be wrong to say that reviews are directly proportional to the sales.

Tried, tested and testified mobile apps are the only ones that sell

The concept of reviews and ratings applies to mobile applications too. Hundreds of apps go live every day on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. And the number of people downloading them is even bigger.


We all have come across apps that promise being utile, however there was always that moment of disappointment, when they failed to standup to even the minimal expectations and leave us ridden with bugs.


You will be appalled to know that 80 to 90 percent of all downloaded apps are used once and then eventually deleted by users. (Source: 

How can you make sure that your app is downloaded and tested out by more and more people and is eventually, vouched for?


If you think your app has value and utility, after the launch of your app, start by asking the close-circle of your friends, family and peers to contribute genuine reviews.

How a review becomes a ‘download-generating review’?

That first genuine review is the trigger for more downloads and endless more reviews.

  1. A great review is one that aims at giving an insight on why the app works well for people like them
  2. A good review always cites an incident or an instance when the reviewer was benefitted by the app.
  3. The review should also talk about how seamless the functionality of the app is.
  4. You might also get negative reviews. But the key is taking the negatives in a positive stride. Manage the negative reviews promptly. Reply to the customer’s complaint and try to resolve it as soon as possible.
  5. A great product is one that is able to convert the negative reviewer into an advocate. By promptly acting on a complaint, you ensure that the customer is satisfied. And when such a customer reviews your product positively, you will see your app launched up the list of great apps in no time.


Aim at getting 10-15 reviews within a fortnight of the launch. Reviews and ratings go hand-in-hand. Aim at getting atleast 4 out 5 points and see the number of downloads shooting up.


Technology makes life easier. Just like Instappy, which has changed the way apps are made. With Instappy app builder, you can realise the long-postponed dream of ‘appetising’ your business, just because of the amount of time and effort you thought it takes. Imagine a seamlessly working, awesome looking app that’s up and ready in minutes! And with such an app under your belt, great reviews are not that hard to get.


Explore Instappy’s cost-effective packages that bring to you matchless App Store Optimisation services, including helping you with professional expertise so that you get great reviews within a few weeks of your app’s launch in the store. Not only this, your app also gets featured and reviewed in recommended app reviewing platforms.


With Instappy, there is no looking back for your app, and eventually, for your business.


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