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How scotch eggs could be an inspiration for app making?

Last Sunday, I was feeling bloated. That was not the problem. The problem was that I had to attend a family brunch at one of my relatives newly bought apartment. I decided it will be a quick in-and-out visit. Throughout the way, I was thinking of excuses to stay as far as possible from the dining table.


An hour later, I was drooling at the scotch eggs my aunt placed before me. That beautifully browned, crisped crumb, the gloopy yolk sitting on a bed of pea shoots, lemon slices, shreds of colorful bell pepper was enough to get me salivating.


Wondering what scotch eggs have to do with apps? Well, nothing. But there is something that my aunt’s scotch eggs and quick selling apps have in common. We call it visual appeal.


Research says, 90% of all purchase decisions are made subconsciously, mostly within a timeframe of 2.5 seconds.


What drives those decisions? Vision. What we see, we believe.


Suppose you have a gaming app that is everything a gaming app should be minus the visual appeal. No hard feelings, but chances are the users will care less about it, forget about downloading.


A recent study shows that you can double your chances of App downloads just by changing your App icon. Think about it; if an icon has so much impact on your app indexing, how well you can fair by reviving your app entirely. It’s all an art of keeping your users gripped!


So, let’s see how you can master this art to get users to explore your app.

1. Tipi Tipi Tap, What color is your app?

Yellow is bright and happy, green is peace; orange is thrill and blue is comfort. Color does more than just pleasing your eyes. There’s a reason there’s a science called color psychology. For your app, choose high contrast color schemes to ensure better readability. Make sure the images you upload and the font color you use go well with the template and the layout offered by the app maker.


Instappy makes this job a lot easier for you. The templates offered are appropriately schemed with a combination of colors to suit your industry, average audience preference and the content. Designers, universities, photographers, artists, restaurants, and even magazines can choose from a range of rich, intuitive templates. Believe in making your own statement? Instappy also allows you to customise your own template from scratch.

2. Go easy on calligraphy

Imagine opening a mail written in comic sans from an NGO asking for donations or a job cover letter written in extra bold!


Your app needs appropriately sized, preferably bigger fonts to aid in enhancing readability. The text should not be in uppercase. Similarly, small fonts may make users squint to read.


With Instappy, you can rest assured find pre-set fonts for the templates and layouts you choose. That’s called making life easier, isn’t it?

3. Pictures for a thousand words

Use high-res images for your app-screens. Also, it’s a good idea to use images that are in contrast with the template or background. If used well, pictures can make your app come alive.


Instappy makes it really simple for you. Upload pictures from your drive or drag and drop elements like logo, button etc. from the collection available with us.

4. One design, fits all

Remember: People are far more comfortable with the UI of their phone than they are with your app. So, you cannot go overboard while deciding the color, the pattern and the function of your app. Keep the design device agnostic so that irrespective of the platform, the design looks impeccable.


Again, consider app-builders for the purpose. Android or iOS, app makers ensure your app design is attuned to the platform.

5. Make navigating your app come naturally to them

Don’t make mastering the navigation of your app seem like a course. Steer clear of complicated features and complex user flow. Make sure,user gets to the information he wants in minimum number of clicks.

6. Bring in the déjà vu element

Your brand identity must flow into your app. The color scheme, the logo, the content and image tonality, all must relate to your brand and its other properties like the website, or any tangible products you deal in. This synchronization will ensure your app has a brand recall value and your brands credibility may help you get better downloads.

7. Avoid sharp edges. Ouch!

It’s a simple trick to make your design go easy on the viewers’ eyes. Soften your UI elements with rounded edges to make it look neat and spaced out.


If you think beauty is just skin deep, observe yourself next time you browse the app store. Will you stop at a mediocre looking thumbnail of an app? And try to recall instances when you clicked on an interesting app icon even if you had no idea what it was. Hence, for your app to make a million dollars, make sure it looks like one.


How To Create Your Own App




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