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How to cross the one million mark on your app download?

Isn’t this the question that has been haunting you since the launch of your app? Aren’t you investing on ideas left, right and center for this sole objective? One million downloads- the milestone every new app sets its eyes on, has been keeping you awake too. Now is the time when you wonder, which was harder- building an app or getting people to download it. Remember, if you think your app is worth getting the attention, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be working towards the ‘one million downloads’ milestone.

Let’s see, how you can get your awesome app noticed, used and appreciated.


  • Piggyback the popular: Thanks to the content sharing platforms we pour over with our morning cup of coffee, some seriously gripping blogs like Scoopwhoop, POPxo and Storypick have surfaced and are being shared wildly.  Invest in submitting a story around your app to these blogs.  They will send back massive traffic to your app store page and in-turn drive downloads. Hub Pages is another article submission platform which accepts highly structured original stories on any subject and gets huge traffic.   
  • Spike in marketing equal to spike in downloads: This is a tried and tested formula. There are marketers who spread out their advertising spends throughout a period of 12 months or more. However, it has been observed that if you concentrate your marketing efforts around a short period and invest ardently for a few months rather than for a longer period, you are sure to see a spike in the downloads. Once you get to the top rankings in the app stores, your position will help get consistent downloads for times to come. And who knows, your app might even get featured by Google or Apple among the popular ones, after which the road becomes a lot less bumpy for you.
  • Reward your first customers with freebies: Your first 100 downloads call for nothing less than a blast, isn’t it? So why not gratify the first few customers who decided to test your app? Rewards lure more downloads. Free recharge, free subscription for the first month and free delivery on the first order- these are some of the rewards you can please your customers with. Your app’s potential and credibility will do the rest for you.
  • Your near ones can get you far: Your customers could be in your family or around you. They are also the ones who can give you sound advice on your app. Get them to your app and rate it for its worth. You cannot get a better start.
  • Go Social: The world is out there! What’s a better way to get honest reviews on your app than to get to the platform where your audience is?  Ask the 500+ friends you have on your list to download, test and rate your app.
  • Get them curious: Think about creating a teaser for your app preferably in the form of a video. Promote them on YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion. Link it to your landing page to further reel in interested users looking to explore your app. This way you make your audience anticipate your product.
  • Consider listing your app: Submit your app to popular listings that are trusted for their credibility. Users are always on a lookout for better products that make life easier for them. These websites provide them the answers they are looking for.
  • Have you forgotten e-mails? : If you think e-mail marketing is old-school, well, how long is it since you last checked your mail? Surely, not more than a few minutes. E-mails are one of the fastest and reliable mediums of reaching out to your audience. Put together an e-mail communication stream that can slowly convert your audiences into your customers.
  • ASO – Your billboard on the app store: App Store Optimization – Why do you need it? The answer is pretty simple. Your customers are going to reach your app through app store searches. Remember, there are millions of apps sitting on the store and there might be a hundred that promise benefits similar to yours. To jostle through the crowd and tell the customers that your app is special, you need ASO.


If you are considering an app building tool, consider looking into the features and benefits that come along with the app. Most probably, you get ASO as a service included in the package they offer. This will ease the load off your shoulders, and involve experts doing the optimization for you. With online app builders, you can rest assured that your app is optimized for the store by experts.


To cut the long story short, if your app is a life-changing product, like the ones helping us count our calories, navigate, kick-out boredom, stay connected etc, then 1 million downloads is just the beginning. You are sure to go a long way. What you need is the right approach and a streamlined way to reach the milestone.


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