India’s Online Shoppers are Inst-H-App-Y

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Did you say 'check my phone'? Well, you are not alone. A study reveals that almost 80% smartphone owners check their phones first thing in the morning. It is an undeniable fact that smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, and who knows it better than our lovable online shoppers. Yes, the ones for whom logging on to e-commerce websites is an everyday ritual; the ones who know the exact time when there would be a super-sale and holdout patiently through off-seasons.


Upsurge of e-Commerce

The fact is, even though e-commerce has been around for a very long time (remember e-bay?), with the sudden boom of smartphones in the last few years, there has been substantial growth in sales with smartphone conversion rate increasing about 147% since quarter 1 of 2014. Popular web portal Shopify states that 50.3% of their traffic originates from either a tablet or a smartphone. The current level of mobile penetration for e-commerce is $30 million and is expected to go as high as $40 million, as stated by a joint study of ASSOCHAM and Grant Thorton. In comparison with the scene on the global front, the Indian market is not far behind.


The Indian Connect

The year 2014 saw an upsurge in e-commerce for the Indian market and 2015 can easily be credited as the year of mobile shopping app. E-commerce websites are developing their marketing strategies to leverage the popularity of mobile apps. They are providing discounts and offers on purchases made via apps. Sales and profits are improving, especially around the festive season as more and more Indian shoppers are embracing the idea of shopping on-the-go, for the time that it saves and the variety that is on offer. The phenomenal success of mobile apps can be gauged from the fact that the number of smartphone app users have jumped from 21% in the month of May last year to 54% in May this year.


E-commerce Demographics

Earlier, demographics highlighted women as the prime target group for e-commerce websites, but in recent times, real-time smartphone usage tracking shows a paradigm shift towards the male populace becoming the prime audience for two reasons: First, men remain more attracted to technology and second, more often than not they are the ones paying for it. While a large segment of women shoppers ask their spouses to pay, women have emerged on the scenario with spending 16 more minutes in comparison to men, every month.



While the world is moving forward at a fast pace and smartphones are becoming the gadgets people rely on the most, mobile apps are being developed swiftly with no signs of a slowdown in the near future. Recently, in May 2015, Myntra shut down their website to concentrate completely on enhancing the experience of shopping through their mobile app. On similar lines, e-commerce giant Flipkart is also planning to redirect their marketing efforts away from the website and focus only on marketing through their mobile app.  Clearly, mobile apps are the future of e-commerce and investing in them is a safe bet.


However, businesses looking to develop their own websites must also understand that if they are hoping to facilitate monetary transactions through the app, reliable payment gateway integration is indispensible. This is one of the many things to be kept in mind while getting your own app built for business.


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How To Create Your Own App




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