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How Instappy App Builder Is All About What You Want

Businesses across the world are exploring the power of mobile apps. By embracing smart mobility, they are increasing their consumer base, raking in better profits, and growing their brand across the globe. This is the age of mobile applications, and it is here to stay!

Creating a mobile app for your business is an entirely differentstory though. How about an app expert that enables you to build and use your own native mobile app without any assistance? Imagine the time and money you will save while allowing your audience to get a seamless brand experience. That is where you need Instappy!

Instappy is an easy-to-use platform that can turn your business app idea into a mobile reality. You can instantly create fully customizable, native mobile apps without any coding knowledge. It is intuitive, innovative, and gives you an experience tailored according to your needs.

Here are ways in which Instappy puts YOUR business first: 


  1. Complete customization – It provides you the power to customize the layout, design, functionality, and the overall experience of the app. Right from rich media widgets, API’s, fonts, images, colour scheme, etc., everything is customizable. You will be able to create a perfect brand property which instantly conveys the identity of your brand.
  2. Command over content – It lets you add rich media images, videos, text, tutorials, downloadable files, and much more to your app, so that your brand can say whatever it wants to. You can personalize your content and through in-built CMS, you can update it instantly.
  3. Ability to push and promote – Nothing’s more important for a brand than being able to communicate with the target audience without any hassles. Instappy gives you the ability to send out unlimited push notifications to promote offers, discounts, and run promos whenever you want.
  4. Industry-specific templates and layouts – It provides multitude of design layouts and templates, tailored according to specific industry needs. Choosing a design template that has been created according to your business needs will not only make your app stand out, but also bring out your content in the best manner possible.
  5. Marketing and mentoring – With Instappy built for success platform, not only will you be able to create a high quality mobile app, but also learn how to promote and market it to your audience. It provides you tips, tricks, and tutorials to make your app stand out in the market. Need further assistance? You can also get direct mentoring from our expert on board.

So why wait? Build high quality mobile apps for your business only with Instappy!

How To Create Your Own App

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