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Things To Ask Your Development Partner Before You Commission A Mobile App

Do you have an idea for the next great mobile app? Do you need to take your local business global? As much as apps are ‘in’ right now, the major problem for any app creation process is to decide the correct approach to do so, not to mention the other intricacies that go into creating an app. Are you asking the right questions? What should you be doing going ahead? Here are the key questions you must ask your app development agency before building a mobile app:


What platform should I go for?

What platform(s) do you want to tap into? iOS, Android, and Windows Phone are the primary options to consider. The app must be native to the platform and run across all devices that support the respective OS.

What functionalities would I need?

Functionalities and utilities provided by the app must be in perfect sync with the end objective you desire to achieve. Businesses must know what their mobile user base wants to accomplish and then coordinate with the developer to get the necessary functionalities added. Things like social network integration, unlimited push notifications, rich media content, and CMS are a must.

How would my UI look?

The user experience and aesthetic design of the app is of utmost importance. Intuitive interface controls and elegant transitions are mandatory. Moreover, if two apps fulfil the same purpose or solve the same problem, the design can really make a difference in consumer preference.

Is the cost worth it?

Building an app through a professional agency can easily cost anything between $2500 – $50,000. What you need to figure is if hiring a professional agency is even worth the cost or not. First time users should take advantage of app building platforms which provide fully-functional and cost effective mobile apps. They can begin by developing a basic level app for their business and then progress with a customized and ‘professionally developed’ app, as and when they figure out what exactly works for their audience.

Building your app can be a tricky initiative, even with a professional agency at hand. How about a platform where you can create a high quality mobile app on your own, that too without any coding knowledge?

Presenting Instappy, an easy-to-use app building platform through which you can instantly create apps that are intuitive, visually stunning, and do not require any coding knowledge. And guess what, it won’t cost you a bomb. So don’t wait, go the Instappy way now!


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