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Is Your Mobile App Gen-Z Ready?

Move beyond Millennials: Enter Gen Z

Do you know what tl;dr means? No. Do you know what not knowing it means? Well, it means, you’ve a little catching up to do. It also means that you are not one of Gen-Zers because they use it a lot in their conversations. tl;dr stands for too long; didn’t read. While businesses have spent the last decade figuring out what make millennials clicks, it’s time they shift their focus on the newly emerging cohort of customers – Generation Z, the folks roughly born between late 1990s and 2010. We can almost hear some of you retaliate, but how can those teens and tweens possibly be our customers? Well, just look at the statistics –

  • Gen-Zers make more than a quarter of American population
  • Gen-Zers will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020 (Source: CMO by Abode)
  • Gen-Zers boast of a combined buying power of $43 billion (Source: Chamber of Commerce)

Numbers don’t lie. They might not be your customers right now but they soon are going to be. And when they do, you’ll have to make sure, your mobile app is Gen-Z ready.

Here are 6 simple hacks to get your mobile app in tune with the whims of the next generation.

1. Embrace Changes: Keep updating your app

Gen-Zers have been brought up in swirling times, where the only thing that’s constant is change – They are either driving it or getting driven by it. Now the interesting thing about change is that it happens exponentially. In other words, the rate of change keeps on increasing with time, implying that businesses are rendered obsolete if they don’t adapt to market changes fast enough. To keep up with the exponential change, businesses need to make constant updates to their app. Instappy features built-in CMS to let you make instant, unlimited updates to your app – without writing a single line of code

2. Be Hyper-Relevant: Personalise your messages

Gen Z is the first digitally-native generation, born and grown in the midst of countless communication channels – and unlike their predecessors, they seem to be least bothered by it, simply because they know how and when to unplug. With smart access to blocking tools and content filters, they are adept at telling shit from shinola. The bottomline is that they expect businesses to be highly contextual and relevant – or else, they simply disengage.  To lure Gen-Zers, marketers need to think beyond segmentation and move towards adopting a one-to-one personalisation strategy in a real-time context. According to a recent Infosys study, 86% of consumers, more so Gen-Zers, say personalisation plays a role in their purchasing decisions.

3. Think Visual: Speak in their language

Remember, Gen-Zers are folks who’ve an average attention span of 8 seconds, who read their news in 60 words or less and who prefer communicating in emoticons over text. Apparently, as a brand, you can’t expect to gain Gen-Zers’ attention by deploying the same marketing tactics you used for millennials. This rapidly rising generation is pushing marketers and developers to rethink how to reach and engage them. Choose an app builder that lets you to integrate live streaming, rich media widgets and customised image and video gallery in your app.

4. Go Omnichannel: Ensure consistent UX across multiple devices

Digitally-native Gen-Zers are pro multitaskers and own upto five devices. They are used to start searching for a dress on one device, take their pick on another, and buy it on a third device. In such a scenario, marketers can’t afford to design their app exclusively for mobile phones or tablets. In the near future, the ability to deliver a coherent, aligned experience across multiple devices will emerge as a competitive advantage for businesses. Instappy offers cloud-hosted apps that ensure a consistent UX across multiple devices.

5. Be Social: Integrate social APIs in your app

Contrary to the popular belief, Gen Z value face-to-face interaction more than their predecessors did. They spend a great deal of time socialising with friends and family, especially on social media. Gen-Zers expect brands to talk with them, not at them. They deploy social platforms to evangelise brands and want brands to reach them on those platforms. According to Aabaco (from Yahoo), the average consumer mentions brands 90 times per week with family, friends and co-workers. As a brand, if you are looking to get some eyeballs, you better integrate your app with the key social APIs that work for your business.

6. Offer Convenience: Make their lives easier

Gen Z values convenience, perhaps more than anything else. Matter of fact, one of the driving forces behind mobile’s unprecedented growth is the convenience it offers to today’s on-the-go audience. They reserve their tables on the way to the restaurant, book their flights with the tap of a finger, and read stuff while travelling. Gen-Zers spend less time on planning things and more time on actually doing them. But conventional marketers plan too much, almost obsessing about the technical nuances of app development. The bottomline is to avoid getting fixated on features and focus on figuring out that one thing that your audience will download your app for – and do it better than others!

The Takeaway

We all tend to romanticise the good old times and sulk over how the next generation is moving towards a cultural doom. Baby boomers did it to millennials and now millennials are doing it to Gen-Zers. Nevertheless, it’s crucial for today’s marketers to get a handle on Gen-Zers, before their competitors do. By working on these simple yet smart hacks, you can make it to Gen-Zers’ minds and hearts.

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