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Mobile apps are not cheap, bad mobile apps are

You get what you pay for

This time-tested adage holds particularly true in this age when technology has given us more options than ever. If there are a thousand options for those who are ready to shell out money, there are no less than a hundred for those looking for low-priced solutions. However, smart businesses settle for the most cost-effective option there is.


Bad apps- the unwanted abundance

Talking about mobile apps, for every great app that makes life easier, there are dozens of apps that fall under the category of ‘bad apps’. Nobody wants a bad app, neither the consumer, nor the developer; yet there are scores of bad mobile apps built every month.


Compuware says that 62 percent of users had experienced a crash, freeze or error with an app. Another 47 percent have seen slow launch times. And 40 percent said they’ve tried an app that would simply not launch at all.


So why are bad mobile apps dime a dozen when they are the last things on earth everyone wants? ‘Under-investment’ is the answer.


Mobile apps – all it takes

A mobile app is a product of technological genius, to say the least. It is only after clear-headed planning, streamlined management, creative excellence and sharp programming that we get a great mobile app. Compromising on any of these would lead to an unsatisfactory product a.k.a bad mobile app. So as a smart business move, any app developer should neither be looking for over-priced app developing solutions, nor should be under-investing in them.


According to Apple, customers spent more than $10 billion on apps in 2013 (Source: Forbes). Needless to say, with a demand like this, app makers should be ready to invest judiciously while creating apps of quality and utility that customers are looking for.


Let’s now look at what goes into making apps that can be termed ‘good’, if nor great. Bernard Kohan, a mobile app development expert lists down the following steps in this regard.


  1. Wireframing – It is the foundation of how an app needs to be designed and function. Rebuilding and redesigning the panels of a mobile is a costly affair, so it is a good idea to freeze a wireframe before we get into the actual process of coding and designing the screens.
  2. App Screen Design – A neat, yet clever design that is a perfect blend of aesthetics as well as usability, is where great apps score.
  3. App Programming – This is where the apps start breathing.
  4. Application/ Database Framework – Setting up the application's server-side framework (cloud / back-end) and creating the database structure.
  5. Server Side Application Programming – Writing all of the server-side code for implementing the back-end functionality.
  6. APIs Development – Writing all of the APIs that connect the app screens to the server-side application and database.
  7. Usability QA – Testing the app screens for bugs and fixing any issues.
  8. Back end QA – Testing the back-end code for performance and security.
  9. Cloud Setup – Deploying the server-side application to the server / cloud.
  10. App Store Launch – Making the app live on the store


A team of talents on-board to drive-in quality

At every step, having an immensely talented team on board is inevitable. Below is the list of specialists required to put together a highly functional app.


  1. A UX (User Experience) team responsible for ensuring best user experience with app screens, app conventions and navigation.
  2. A design team proficient in working for different platforms like iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry etc.
  3. Programmers with experience in different programming languages
  4. Server side application programmers for database
  5. Quality Assurance team responsible for testing the app on multiple devices and multiple versions of the Operating Systems.
  6. Cloud specialists for deployment of the server side application


So you see, building an app is an extensive process with varied levels of complexities. Hence, it goes without saying that app development is a considerable investment. Going cheap would still get you an app, but chances are that you end up buying/creating a ‘bad app’.


Does that mean apps are either ‘pricey’ or bad?

Thankfully, no. There is a third, and the smartest way to create mobile apps. With the advent of app building platforms the belief ‘good mobile apps come with a price’ has changed. Now there is no need to settle for a price that’s more than what’s feasible for your business. Now you can get great mobile apps created for less with online app making platforms like Instappy.


Instappy not only gives you apps with peerless functionality and design, it also takes the responsibility of micromanaging the team working on the development off your shoulders. No coding knowledge required and best of all, no costly affair. Get great apps created for your business at a cost several percentages less than what it takes going by the traditional app development route. ‘Great apps at cost-effective prices’ is Instappy’s promise.


The world needs less of bad and cheap apps; go the way and let great apps rule the roost.


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