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Our Take on Gartner’s App-Gap Prediction for 2017

Mobile apps were long seen with skepticism as a viable business channel. Fast forward to today. App market is growing at such a rapid pace that demand for mobile apps is outpacing developers’ capacity to deliver them.


In a recent report, Gartner forecasted that by 2017, demand for enterprise mobile apps will outstrip available development capacity five to one. This inevitable demand-supply gap is a wake-up call for businesses to jumpstart their app development, if they haven’t done it yet. Here’s why 2016 is the best time for businesses to go mobile.


What’s Fueling the App Demand?

In today’s hyper-connected, on-the-go, digital ecosystem, more and more people are connecting via multiple devices. Businesses need to ensure their presence on multiple devices and provide an integrated user experience. In such a scenario, having web presence or creating mobile optimised websites is just not enough. You have to have cloud hosted apps that enable integration and syncing of content on multiple devices. The advent of wearable tech and IoT (Internet of Thing) is further fueling the demand for cloud hosted mobile apps.


The App Gap: It Just Keeps Getting Larger

The app market is growing exponentially and so is the demand for app development. But the number of mobile app developers are growing linearly.The existing app development teams are already overburdened meeting up with the current demand for mobile apps – The queue just keep getting longer and longer. The end results – Frustratingly long development lifecycles, having to wait for competent developers or compromise on the quality of apps being delivered. But you can’t let your competitors fly past you, while you wait to hire the right team of professional designers and developers. Can you?


Bridging the App Gap: Forget Developers, Think DIY

Many businesses acknowledge the inevitability of the app gap but what they don’t realize is that it’ll arrive before they might think. Those who do, know that the way to keep up with exponentially growing demand is not to get in more and more developers but transform the way the apps are built and delivered.


According to Gartner’s report, organizations will bend on deploying Rapid Mobile App Development (RAMD) platforms to bridge the app gap. RAMD is what’s going to drive the app revolution in the near future by letting businesses turn their app ideas into a mobile reality, fast and cost-effectively.


According to a survey conducted by Kinvey in 2014 – On an average, it takes 7 months and $270,000 to build a mobile app. But the advent of DIY app building platforms have changed the rules of the game, cutting short the period between ideation and execution from months to hours and enabling those with no designing skills or coding ability to build quality mobile apps on their own, at optimal costs. Instappy is one such platform, featuring built for success templates that help businesses transcend coding-and-wireframing and save big on time and cost. Select from our 45+ fully customisable templates for travel, retail, restaurant, education and more. Check out.


You Couldn’t Be the Early Bird then. Be the Second Mouse now

It was not long back, when app market was signed off as a fad by many. Nevertheless, a few appreneurs ventured in, and grew into Instagrams, Whatsapps and Snapchats. That’s when early adopters took a note and followed suit. But entering early in the market isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. For every Instagram, there were hundred other photo sharing apps that released at the same time but failed to make the cut on the app store. Entering early might give you the competitive edge but it’s expensive, demanding and takes time which simply isn’t viable for today’s businesses, especially SMEs.


So you see, being an early bird has its own perks and perils.But being the second mouse is always a profitable deal. You don’t have to penetrate a reluctant market or make backbreaking investments. You’ve already learnt what to avoid. And most importantly, you get to make optimal profits without putting much at stake.


So if you were among the ones who kept sitting on the fence while the app market was gaining grounds, now is the time to make the move. If you delay it any longer and jump in as laggard, it’ll get too late as your competitors would have reaped the best crop by then.


The Best Time to Go Mobile – It’s Now or too late

There’s more to going the app way than just keeping up with the trends. Whether you run a corner coffee shop or a fashion retail store, mobilising your business can help you stay closer to your customers, expand your reach, process payment, build brand recognition, cultivate customer loyality, stay connected, drive revenues – simply everything you need to stay ahead of the curve.


According to IDC, 7 out of 20 enterprises are already deploying app building platforms to develop mobile apps. What about you? Don’t get left behind. Jumpstart your app development plan with the right app builder, right away.


Start creating your app now.


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