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Push Notifications – 6 Be’s of Totally Pulling it Off

Make ‘em Hit it, Love it and Come Back for More


Can you guess what’s common between James Bond and Mobile Apps? Well, both of them have a short life expectancy. Statistics show that the average lifespan of an app can be as less as 30 days (Source: Pinch Media). But like Bond, if you have the right tools, your mobile app can live much longer. Push Notification is one such smart tool helping apps to stay longer on the user’s home screen. A research conducted by reveals that push notifications can bring down App Abandonment Rate from 21% to 11%. But pulling off push notifications is a tricky business. Here are the 6 Be’s of doing it right.


  1. Be Time-Sensitive – How would you response to someone who invites you for a dinner at 3 o’clock in the night. Most likely – Meh! That’s exactly, how users feel about push notifications that are not time-sensitive. A notification in the middle of the night can’t be inspiring enough to take an action, except may be to get your app uninstalled. Timing is everything. Your app should have a built-in ‘local push timing’ feature that allows you to schedule your notifications in advance and send them – Timed Perfectly!


  1. Be Transparent – When it comes to building trust with their users, most businesses don’t get it. It’s ironical, but to get them back, you have to be ready to let them go. Give them the freedom to opt in and out of the push notifications according to their own preferences. Even better, let them decide what push notifications they receive and how – Some might be interested in updates, others only in discounts; some might like to be notified by an onscreen alert, others by a sound. Don’t give them that choice and you might run the risk of getting your app deleted altogether.


  1. Be Local – Geo-marketing is the practice of deploying user’s location data in shaping marketing efforts. Apply it to push notifications and what you get is an achingly powerful tool that enables businesses to reach consumers on the move. Just think of it – Once you know where the target users are, it becomes easier to steer them where you want them to. Say, notify the user about a deal going in a near-by restaurant as soon as he enters its perimeter. Sounds cool, right?


Near Amsterdam? Check out hot burritos @HotNSpice. You get 40% off for being our app user.


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  1. Be Targeted – Mass marketing became obsolete a long time ago. You need to segment your users based on their needs and preferences. Creating cohorts helps you get more granular with your push efforts and target users with the right content. According to Localytics, the conversion rate of segmented push notifications is 54%. For broadcast messages, it is just 15%. The figures add up to the fact that the more it is personally relevant to the user, the better are the chances that it will bring the user into action. Do you think the following notification is any good for men?


Get 25% off on totes & hobos. View the collection. Hurry up, offer is valid till stock lasts.


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  1. Be Personable – Push message is meant for a person, not the device. That’s exactly why it needs to be person-able. Unless you build an emotional connect and be a part of the audience conversation, you are going to be forgotten any time sooner. Great push is all about tapping users’ external events to get them inspired or excited. Look at this example.


Happy B’day Hank. We are pleased to gift you a B’day discount coupon. Enjoy your day!


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  1. Be Persuasive – Do you remember the flirting lessons; Mike gave to Abbie in the famous Hollywood flick, The Ugly Truth?


Abby Richter: I am not desperate! (pause) Why, did you think I sounded desperate?

Mike: Listen to yourself. Desperately asking me if you sounded desperate?


Mike can teach us a valuable lesson about writing copy for notifications –Sound persuasive, not desperate! A good notification is not as much about a clever copy, as it is about convincing the users how you can add value to their day. It’s clear, concise, compelling and offer a value-add for customers. Besides, when you have a leash on your character limit, you have to make every word count.


We’ve given enough good examples. Here’s a bad one –


Seems like you haven’t shop with us for a while. Please drop by and pick up something from our new collection.


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How Much Is Too Much?


Knowledge is knowing when to send the push notification, wisdom is when not to


Now you know how to craft notifications that are earmarked for sales conversion. But before you get too much excited about them, here’s the catch – There’s a thin line between engaging your audience and annoying them. That makes Push Notification a little like rope walking – A bit either way is a bit too wrong. So, how much is too much? It depends on the kind of app we are talking about –


Utility apps can do it daily – gaming apps, not so much – retail apps, even lesser


There’s no golden number of how frequent it should be. The more important thing is to push it to right people in the right place at the right time. Keep experimenting, make changes on the fly and iterate what works for you. There’s always room for improvement.


Instappy comes loaded with a built-in, tailored, well-optimized push-notification feature, enabling you to connect with your users, as and when they like it.


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