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Say ‘Happy Holidays’ to your business in 5 simple steps

The holiday season has set in. It’s that time of the year when the air is full of frost and shopping excitement. While we love both, for this blog post, we’ll focus on the latter.


Shoppers are getting their gift lists ready. Budgets and pockets have become more accommodating. And brands are surely not complaining! The next few months are going to keep the cash-counters really busy. But for some businesses, it is also the time to make sure that they are ready for the year’s biggest spending season.


For a start, if your small business is still wondering on the relevance of business apps, here’s a quick and the most recent insight for you. Google says, 4 in 5 smartphone holiday shoppers used their phone during spare moments or while doing other activities last year. What does that mean? It means, your audience is in the right mood to listen to you. But, are you ready for this interaction? Think about building your app yourself. This saves months and millions! And you will be able to get your app up and running right in time for this shopping season.


This checklist will help you understand your objectives and decide on an RMAD platform.



Here are a few things you can begin with.

1.Deal, discount, sale, coupon, voucher, special: There is a set of words that have everything to do with the shopping excitement. A recent survey says, 62% users are likely to shop on mobile when prompted by discounts. (source: a survey by Forrester) Create a special discount coupon as part of your holiday marketing strategy, exclusively for your online customers.  Walmart used its app to give a peek into the upcoming holiday deals. The Pre-Diwali Big Indian Sale on Amazon and Flipkart got the e-commerce giants an electrifying response with over 15 million units sold in 5 days!;


2.Loyalty benefits: Customers who have downloaded your app definitely value your brand. Think about effectively targeting repeat customers and app users with loyalty cards on products they are personally interested in. Offer reward points with each transaction. This encourages return shoppers because more “points” means more rewards. This strategy will payoff even after the holiday rush is over.


Shopper’s Stop presents a great case of customer loyalty program done right. Aptly named as First Citizen, the program takes membership requests directly via the Shopper’s Stop app. The members get the First Citizen membership card and earn points every time they shop.  The points can be redeemed on their next purchase. Furthermore, the “First Citizens” also get parking preferences, separate billing counters and exclusive offers.


Location-based mobile apps reward consumers for actions like check in, walk into a store or pick up products and scan their barcodes. How about some in-store Christmas surprises for your customers?


3.Get your app ready for GenZ: Over 90 percent of millennials use their smartphones while shopping this holiday season (according to Wanderful Media’s 2015 Holiday Shopping Survey). When you say millennials, you are talking about the demographic with the maximum purchasing power. It’s important to study their behavior and purchase pattern to tap into them as consumers. Studies have indicated that these consumers are increasingly looking to their devices as an in-store shopping aid, hence asserting the importance of in-app communication for retailers.


Furthermore, youngsters are not great at planning things ahead. They are last minute shoppers. Does your business give them the option to order the minute they wake up from their slumber?


You might like to know more about effectively targeting millennials through your app. Here’s a quick 6 step guide.


4.Push notifications to pull ‘em in: Push notifications, if planned and scheduled properly are believed to increase user engagement and retention rates. Timely, targeted, data-driven push messages can bring back customers and even help in fixing abandoned carts and completing transactions.


There’s a lot that goes into devising effective push messaging strategies. Here are 6 hacks to make the most out of your push notification plan.


Happy customers make happy brands. With a mobile app, you can understand the consumer journey better, and take your business from a store down the road to being a favorite shoppers’ stop.


With the season screaming ‘happy holidays’, you will get to see smiling shoppers everywhere, in just the right mood to listen to you. The ball is in your court. Set it rolling already!

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