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Seven Things You Need To Know About Instappy

Instappy is here! Businesses and individuals looking to create a superior mobile app experience for their customers can now take a breather. Instantly create native mobile applications which are completely customizable according to your needs and require absolutely no coding knowledge. You can check out this video (Link to main AV) to get introduced to Instappy. For the busy-bees, here’s a quick list with seven things you need to know about the best app building platform in the market:


  1. Apps for every purpose – With Instappy, you can build a variety of apps for a variety of purposes. You might be a restaurant looking to grow your customers, or an artist wanting to showcase your work better, or maybe a marketing firm trying to streamline its sales process. Instappy has a host of functionalities and app structures which can fulfil all the needs of your growing business.
  2. Native is what you get – It doesn’t get more obvious than this- if you are building a mobile app, it needs to be native. Native apps are the apps that are written specifically for a device, and are installed directly onto the device. They provide better user experience, are visually superior, and easily discoverable. With Instappy, native is what you get.
  3. Everything is customizable Instappy puts the power in your hands. You get to decide the look and feel of the app, the flow, functionality, and anything and everything that goes in it. You can drag and drop rich media widgets with ease and add a variety of content (images, videos, text, and more with regular updates). The app will resonate your brand identity and it will become an effective tool to in your marketing repertoire.
  4. Smart analytics to make your life easier Instappy provides smart analytical tools that will enable you to assess your app’s performance and take data-oriented decisions, directed towards smarter strategy formulation.
  5. On device trial – You cannot afford to release an untested app. The last thing a brand would want is a negative comment by the customers on errors or glitches you failed to notice yourself. That is why, Instappy provides you the ability to test your completed mobile app on multiple devices, that too for free. You can take a hands-on experience of the app flow, test out all the functionalities, and see if the app is truly what you want it to be.
  6. Expert support for launch and promotion – With Instappy built for success platform, you get expert support to promote and market your app, whether it is iOS or Android. Be it tips, tutorials, or even one-on-one mentoring, your app will be the talk of the town in no time.
  7. It won’t cost you a bomb – Developing an app is not a cheap initiative. The cost of building a native mobile app can range anywhere from $2500 to $50,000. With Instappy, you can instantly create your app for less than 800 bucks, which includes complete customization of layout and graphics, high quality utilities like GPS navigation, social media integration, built-in CMS, unlimited push notifications, and a lot more. Perfect for new users and businesses looking to launch their app in the market.


Have you made your app through Instappy yet?


How To Create Your Own App




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