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Standout with these 6 Easy-to-Add Features

There’s never a dull moment at Instappy. We are passionate about helping businesses make the most of mobile, regardless of their budget or technical know-how. Keeping up with our passion, we are adding 6 new features to our vault. No matter, what industry you’re in, these features will help you get closer to your customers, improve your UX and stay ahead of your competitors.


1.  Add music to your app… ♬♪♫♬♪

Yes, you can now add music to your app with just one click. Instappy just made adding audio cards to your app super easy. Let your users enjoy audio content, directly on your iOS or Android app; be it a snippet of your latest webinar, a message from your mobile podcast or a preview of your upcoming track?


With a single tap, your users can start streaming the audio file. Further, your users can continue using your app while they consume the audio content. Needless to say, adding audio experience to your app is an awesome way to enhance the overall user experience.

Create your own music app

2.  Everything about your users is just one click away!

Android App Creator

Do you wish to know more about your users? Of course you do! You can’t grow your business on unfounded assumptions. In today’s data native ecosystem, a data-driven marketing is a must. And for that you need to tap on user data. Mobile app is an excellent convergence point for collecting and analysing user data.


Instappy now enables businesses to download user data from their app profiles. But remember, user data shouldn’t be just about sales. Rather, mobile marketers should strive to translate data into actionable insights, fostering long-term relationship and loyalty.

3.  Woohoo! Time to drive engagement with contests

Looking to spice up your mobile presence? Or acquiring new users? Or boosting user engagement? Running contests on your app can do all of this and more. According to a study conducted by HubSpot, a contest campaign can bring in 34% new users.


With Instappy’s contest card, running contest campaigns directly on your app is super easy – Anyone can do it! Just think of it – You can run contests, giveaways and sweepstakes as many times as you want, without incurring high costs and with a complete control over how users enter and participate in the contest. Better yet, you can spread the word by promoting your app contests on your social media pages.

4.  Need more sign-ups? We’ve just got the thing!

Android App Maker

Sign up forms create a win-win scenario for users and businesses. The former gets to subscribe to newsletters, give feedback, or place advance orders. The latter gets to capture the users’ information for shaping marketing strategies in the future.


Want to get more sign-ups on your app?Our new feature allows you to seamlessly add a sign up form to your app, letting your users sign up not just with their e-mails, but with their Facebook accountas well. Be ready to turn your followers into subscribers.

5.  Feeding web updates to apps is now ridiculously simple!

Android App Builder

For those of you who don’t know, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed is a smart way to consume content from the web. Instead of opening multiple tabs of your favourite sites on your browser everytime, this deceptively simple feature enables you to get a consolidated view of all the recent updates from all your favourite sites in one single window.


Having a RSS feed card in your app enables your users to keep up with the latest updates in your webpages and social media profiles without ever leaving your app, thus adding value to their time.

6.  Uploading your app to the store gets easier and faster

Keeping up with our commitment to cut down the go-to market time for businesses, we’ve automated APK creation. For the uninitiated, an Android application package (APK) is a file format required by Android to get your app published on Google Play. Simply put, you cannot publish your app until you’ve an APK file for it. Creating an APK file manually involves a number of steps and might take a while.


At Instappy, once you are done building your app, we get you its APK file through a seamlessly automated process and voila, your app is ready to be uploaded to the store.


Liked our featured templates? Visit Instappy and start creating your own fully functional native app in six simple steps!


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