How To Create an App

Things To Know Before You Launch Your Mobile App

Thinking of taking your business the Mobile App way? You must do it right.

How much time do you spend on your mobile? Are you a smartphone user? Then you must have your own set of downloaded apps to help you on the go, isn’t it? Same it is with your customers.


Now to discuss some stats, nowadays, approx. 40,000 mobile apps are getting launched every month. Experts believe that by the year 2017, more than 200 billion apps would start getting downloaded every year. By 2018, there would be 5 billion mobile phone users, and more than 3.65 billion people will be accessing the internet from their smartphones and tablets. Pretty mind-boggling, isn’t it?


So, if you are a business owner, it’s high time that you must make and launch your own mobile app. And, if you want it to do your business good, then you must also do it right.


Consider the following:

1. First and foremost, you must create a great app:

What is a great app? A great app would be different for different businesses with respect to their designs, content and aesthetics. However, a few common things would be, they would all offer great interactions – your target audience would love to stay on your app, while motivating their friends as well to get on it, thereby adding revenue to your business.

* There are various ways of doing this. Stay tuned, and we will be discussing this at-length on a future post.

2. Flexibility to update technology, whenever needed:

Mobile operating softwares are advancing and upgrading fast, and it seems as if an upgrade war is going on between Android and iOS. In Q3 of 2015, Android has planned to introduce Marshmallow, the next level for its Lollipop OS. News is that a lot of new features would get added, including user-friendlier payment options, fingerprint support for apps, and more. iOS is also regularly coming up with its new yearly versions. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative that you must also stay one step ahead of your competition. Your app developer must offer you the flexibility of updating your app as per these changes.

3. Flexibility in auto scheduling notifications to your customers:

Your mobile app renders your business with enhanced communications with your target audiences. So how appropriate will it be for you to schedule regular notifications, like a New Year wish, a festive greeting or even a discount offer most suited for your different audience segments? Since your business deserves the best, isn’t it? And if your app developer is competent, you will also be able to schedule such notifications beforehand at the click of a button. Would that act as the cherry to your dessert?

4. Invite – Only Beta Launch:

Before going commercial get valid feedback from a small group of trusted people. This would help you in further improving your app and making it more user-friendly, while fixing up those unnecessary bugs. You can also ask them to write a review of your app in exchange for their free access.

5.  Publishing your app on the various stores simultaneously for maximum exposure:

It is always better to go for a native app. Native app means one that your customers would need to download from their respective app stores – PlayStore for Android, AppStore for iOS, etc. Publish your app across all platforms simultaneously for maximum reach and coverage. Also don’t forget to brand your app clutter-freely.

6. Invest in App Store Optimization (ASO):

App store optimization would improve the visibility of your app. There are over 1.3 million apps in Google Play and more than 1.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store. A recent study by iTunes claimed that 47% of app users discover apps through the store’s search engine. This comes to 53% for Google Play.


Optimize in two ways:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization


Your copy must be precise with optimum keywords usage (use Google’s Keyword Planner and SensorTower for finding out the most suitable keywords). Use images wherever you can. Put colorful screenshots with witty messages. Don’t go preachy on your write-up. Keep it conversational and informative. Monitor your keywords with MobileDevHQ, AppTweak and SensorTower.


Conversion rate optimization is all about converting your desired ranking into downloads. For the same amount of traffic you’re currently receiving, CRO generates more sales. It removes the need of sinking additional money into PPC ads, or some of the other digital marketing methods.


If you want to drive more traffic to your app then paid acquisition plays a vital role. You can also rely on app install ads, which as per eMarkerter, comprise 30 and 50 percent of the mobile advertising market, excluding search. By the year 2017, it is estimated to reach $11 billion in the U.S. alone.

7. Use social media effectively:

And last but not least, Facebook App Install ads are used by some of the top earning apps. Facebook has driven 145 million apps in the last nine months of 2013 rising revenue from 25 million in Q1, to 74 million in the last quarter.



  • As on 31st March, 2014, there were 1.01 billion mobile monthly active users on Facebook
  • India has over 100 million users



  • Approximately 78% of the Twitter active users tweet through mobile
  • There are 500 million tweets every day


When we talk about India, 72% of the website traffic is through mobile. According to an estimate, the social networking sites will earn $8.3 billion from advertising in the year 2015.


So, now that you’re aware of what all you must keep in mind before launching an app, make sure to communicate these to your app maker. Wishing you all the best in making your own great app, and success in all your endeavours!


How To Create Your Own App




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