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Turned Down by Google? Try these Alternative Android App Stores

Let us start by saying, the word ‘alternative market’ is a bit of a misnomer and an unfair tag to the markets other than Google Play Store for Android apps. Purely, because of the scale, reach and benefits of these markets. Yes, the world outside the world you live in is vast. So, if you just got a ‘no’ from Google, before you start cursing the idea, the efforts, the moneys and the expectations that went into creating your awesome app, consider these options.


1. Slide ME

SlideME is an independent curated Android App & Games Marketplace, second to Google Play Store in terms of global reach and distribution. The marketplace is currently powering over 140 OEM's preloaded with the SlideME Market.


SlideME claims to have the most rigorous testing process in which every piece of content and functionality is inspected strictly. Not just checking the compatibility of the app on multiple devices, but also ensuring that it has some value, is legitimate and legal.


The strict approval procedure indicates that the store has more quality and less junk. This increases the chances of discoverability for your app. Plus, rest assured that your app lies among the crème-de-la-crème apps on SlideME.


2. Amazon Appstore

No doubt, this store cannot match up to Google in the number of apps, but when it comes to quality, Amazon can stand tall all right! The store has strict testing procedures, but if you pass those, your app gets its share of limelight. Features like Free App of the Day (one free app promoted per day) and Test Drive (customers can test an app before they buy) make sure people discover your app easily.


3. Getjar

Confident on your app’s quality? Then take a harsher test. The fruits of your patience and hardwork will be sweeter here.


Getjar takes its time to approve a product. Tears down every feature and makes sure what you have is what the customer wants. But when you are through, you get a platform that is not only premium but also popular. You will see the number of downloads rising with leaps.


So, invest some time to submit your app at Getjar and see your app take flight.


4. Mobogenie

Very interesting, very intelligent. Mobogenie’s strength lies in its recommendation engine. It is smart enough to analyze your preferences and make sensible suggestions. As an app user you have the advantage of not having to rummage through the store for good apps. They are right there, neatly categorized and sorted for you to take a pick.


For developers, Mobigenie is a boon. The app review process is smooth as silk, with the review process of 24 hour turnaround time. Also, the revenue system is quite lucrative.


5. 1Mobile

Perhaps the best store that promises great discoverability for your app. Explore the app and you will know how tidy and organized it is. With categories segmented by popularity, OEMs and occasions, 1mobile has some great curated lists. Navigation is smooth and with just 60,000 apps competing for customer attention, your app has good chances of huge downloads. Also, 1mobile boasts of a great recommendation system working on user targeted recommendations.


This is just the beginning of a long list of alternatives you have, if you got turned down by the mighty Google. If you believe your app is worth a tile on a phone, don’t turn away from the battle after Play Store rejection. There’s a world of options for you. Have you tried an app store other than the ones discussed here? Let us know. Till then, happy app-ing!


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