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What Iron Man Can Teach You About App Customisation?

If you’ve seen the movie (who hasn’t?), you might have noted, no one ever says, “Tony Stark is wearing the Iron Man suit?” Tony Stark is THE Iron Man. The suit is not a separate something, it’s a part of who he is – An extension of his personality.


On a similar note, an app is not a separate something, it is the mobilised extension of your brand personality. And that’s where app customisation comes into picture. Customisation is what creates a sense of connect between your app and your brand.


Let’s see what we can learn about customising apps from the armoured avenger.


  1. Naming Your App

 “Iron Man. That's kind of catchy. It's got a nice ring to it.”


What’s in a name? Actually, quite a bit. Take Iron Man. Technically, his suit is not even made of iron, but the name tells you volumes about what he does – Break bones, blow stuff and occasionally save the world. Your app title needs to do the same. The title of your app, along with the icon is the first thing they are going to come across while scanning the app store. Make it unique and reflective of what your app does. Spell it wrong if you have to but make it stand out. Also, having a keyword in your title works great to boost the rankings.


  1. Bringing Out Your Brand Personality

“Tell you what. Throw a little hot-rod red in there.”


Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist … red goes perfect on Tony Stark. Your brand has a personality too. It is by adding customised background images, colour schemes and texture that your app gets the unique tonality of your brand. When choosing the visual elements for your app, be acutely aware of keeping a sense of brand coherence. The way your app looks and feels should reiterate the brand.


  1. Customising on Your Own

“Was that so hard? That was fun, right?”


It’s not too hard to guess why Tony chose to build the suit himself in the confines of his basement workshop. He play by his own rules. If you too are looking for such creative freedom, you can have it on Instappy. Like Jarvis, Instappy makes customisation a cake walk, be it changing the background colour, adding new screens or selecting the templates. Making a conscious decision to build and customise your own app not only saves money but also the endless hours that would otherwise be spent on conveying your vision to a developer.


  1. Creating a Splash Screen

“That was quite an entry. Wasn’t it?”


What makes a hero, super? Of the many things, one is the way he makes the entry. Look at Iron Man – The first time he confronted bad guys, he travelled half the globe, landed perfectly in the terrorists’ den and got the job done – blowin’em up! A cool entry promises the audience a bang for their buck. Having a customised splash screen is an app’s way of making an entry on users’ screen. It’s the first thing users see when they open your app and is meant to keep the users hooked till your app is fully loaded on the device. For the little time it stays, it needs to promise the users a great experience ahead.


  1. Setting Up Your Icon

“What’s that thing on your chest?”


Iron Man's signature is the mini arc reactor that shines gloriously on his chest. The image just sticks. Doesn’t it? Your icon needs to stick too. Memorability is what makes a good icon, great. Instappy offers an array of gorgeous free and premium icons to make your app stand out from the crowd. You can also upload your own icon if you want.


  1. Getting Better

 “Stop Stopping!”


The first thing Tony Stark did after getting released from the captivity was to get his armoured suit upgraded. He streamlined the design, added new features and dealt with the icing problem. That’s how he stayed one step ahead of his competition. And that’s how you need to be with your app – Pursue perfection relentlessly. Based on app analytics and users’ feedback, you need to continuously customise your app making it better every time. With Instappy’s built-in CMS, making updates in your app is easier than ever.


If you are looking to create a customised app that goes with your brand personality, look no further. Instappy hosts a galore of customisable design-driven elements – Unlimited colour schemes, 45+ templates, 45+APIs – everything you need to make an app uniquely yours.


How To Create Your Own App




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