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What Yoda can teach you about building apps?

To have a mentor guiding you at every step of your career or business, you have to be either very fortunate or belonging to a clan of thought leaders. If like most, you aren’t either of these, don’t get disheartened. Because, inspiration is everywhere. You just have to look around. Who would have thought that standing at 66cm tall, the legendary Jedi Master you had watched and admired as a kid watching Star Wars, could teach you some really insightful stuff about app building. Keep your notepad ready and start taking notes, because, much to learn, you still have. Hmmm.


Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm?  Hmm. And well you should not.

Perhaps the biggest mistake Luke made was to judge Yoda by his size. Little did he know that the imp like creature has a big role to play in his battles.  Are you making the same mistake with your app idea? The heavier the app, the longer it takes to load and to function. So if you are working with a notion that the larger the number of features in your app, the more successful it is going to be, stop, you must.


Features are important, but not at the cost of functionality. Instead of doing everything at a lousy speed and accuracy, your app should aim at doing one thing perfectly. Keep it precise and light on the device. Remember, apps that eat up space, eat up patience too.


“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future…”

Yes, he’s right, as usual. The world is constantly moving at a blinding pace. Why should your app be left behind? For the love of Yoda, keep your app updated to the minute and for that to happen make sure your app builder gives you complete control over the CMS panel.


“Luke: I can’t believe it. Yoda: That is why you fail.”

Hmm, what you created, believe in it, you must. You are the first evangelist for your app. The basic and the most indispensable criterion for success is your unwavering belief in your product. If you think your idea can change the world, work on it till you actually bring a change. Your app can take your business levels up. Before investing money on it, invest your belief.


“Unlearn what you have learned, you must.”

Yes, contrary to what you may believe, you are infested with the misconception bugs, if you have been believing in any of these:


  1. Unique idea= hit idea

Cornell University research proves the novel the idea, lesser are the chances of it being, error-free, practical and useful. So, be unique by all means, but not at the cost of functionality and relevance.


  1. App building is only an engineer’s cup of tea

Wrong. You do not have to know the ABC of coding and still can build simply stunning, robust apps for your business. Online app makers make everyone an engineer.


  1. Marketing = spending money

Who said so? Of course, paid marketing is the easiest route to take, but certainly not the best. Your product should impact your first set of customers positively. For the rest, sky is the limit.


“If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are, a different game you should play.”

Yoda got brutal this time. But we’d say true that. The minimum requirement for the success of anything under the sun is an idea that’s worth all the efforts. Your idea is the pivot on which the entire weight of your building and marketing efforts lies. If you are not able to taste success even after applying all the wisdom of Yoda and the other masters of the universe, go back to the base and recheck your idea. May be, people are not finding it feasible enough to fit it into their lives.


So you see, the Grandmaster of Jedi knows it all. Don’t hesitate to take some leaves out his book while you are struggling to get your awesome app made.


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