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White Label App Reselling: Everything You Need to Know PART – I

Every creative agency today faces a growing list of challenges to thrive in the ever-evolving digital space. The most crucial ones are: getting and retaining clients; innovating and integrating new solutions; adapting to a dynamic landscape; and keeping revenues from dropping. If any of these problems sound familiar, extending your business to include app development might be just what you need!


In today’s digital-first world, mobility has emerged as a major priority for businesses. From music artists to real estate firms, from leading tabloids to local restaurants, individuals and businesses are looking to get their own app built.


Mobile app development is a lucrative industry already worth billions of dollars and growing. According to a study by App Annie, the app economy is expected to grow to $101 billion by 2020. App market is growing at such a rapid pace that demand for mobile apps is outstripping developers’ capacity to deliver them. Mobile app development has emerged as the top paying service for agencies today.


Design agencies, advertising, marketing, web development agencies and young entrepreneurs are stepping up to bridge the app development demand-supply gap – and are getting fairly paid for that. A while ago, technical know-how was a big hold up for many, but with the advent of RMAD platforms, everything changed. By becoming a reseller partner with a white label platform, agencies and individuals can build apps at a fraction of the cost of custom development – without coding – completely under their own brand.  


But like any other business, you can easily experience some hiccups while venturing into app reselling. If you are looking to break into mobile but have no clue where to start, here’s what you need to know before jumping in!


Built In-House or White Label Technology: What’s your pick


Developing a mobile solution from scratch can be a daunting task. Bringing iOS and Android into the mix is even more challenging because each platform has its own tools and languages. Doing it in-house takes away the focus from internal business processes, needs you to invest in technical know-how, upturns head count, busts budgets — you know the drill! Not to mention the time it takes for designing, building, and testing the solution.


Why reinvent the wheel, making the mistakes that others have already mastered? Why not leverage the resources and expertise in the Do-It-Yourself space?


White label reselling can be the turn-key solution for you to provide powerful apps to all your clients. White label simply means that you rebrand the app development platform as your own. All visible associations with the app development platform are removed. Embracing white label technology allows you to add appdev functionality to your platform without incurring time and money on designing and developing it in-house.


It allows you to focus on your core competency, capitalise on the branding and distribution channels established brands and provide top-tier marketing automation tools to your clients. With white label app development, your agency can broaden its business horizons and take on exciting new challenges.


Reselling Apps: What’s in it for you

By partnering with a white label app development platform, you gain the ability to design, develop and host mobile apps for your clients. Expanding your business offering to include mobile solutions will help you retain existing clients, acquire new clients and stay ahead of competition. Here are five dividends of becoming a white label app reseller:

1.    Cut your time-to-market
As a creative agency, you may have app development ideas, but not enough in-house talent and resources to follow up on those ideas. Even if you step outside your core competency and get it done, it will dramatically slow down your time to market. By the time you are done, your prospects would have already turned elsewhere for solutions. When you become a white label reseller, you don't have to spend time developing your own tools. You can begin marketing your mobile solutions to your clients right away.

2.    Open an additional revenue stream
Becoming a white label reseller enables you to add to your current revenue. You get to charge not only the set-up fee for designing and building the app but also the recurring monthly hosting and maintenance fee. Depending on how much hand holding you do with your clients, you can always make more money on ongoing services such as app store submission, mobile marketing, maintenance and updates.

3.    Set your own margins
Your brand means you set the terms. Reselling a product entitles you to set your own price to the end-users, depending on their business needs, competitors’ offering and the constraints of the market. You can always meat up your margins by offering custom functionalities to your customers.

4.    High returns with low risk
When breaking into a new industry, cost is always a concern. Becoming a reseller is light on your budget. With a little basic cash out, you can venture on white label mobile development, setting up your own agency or seamlessly integrating apps into your current offerings.

5.    No coding required to boot
Ask an agency owner what’s holding him from venturing into mobility and most probably he’ll come up with the answer – Technology know-how. White label app development can step into the gap and allow these agencies to expand their services and take on projects they couldn’t consider before. With a white label partner by your side, you need neither programming skills nor advanced IT expertise to boot. With app development platforms like Instappy, you can create visually stunning, powerful and professional feature-driven Android and iOS applications for your clients – without delving into the intricacies of coding.

Did we leave you asking for more? Don’t worry! We’ll be revealing how to choose a white label partner, what to consider before getting started and more in the next post. Stay tuned!


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