White Label App Reselling: Everything You Need to Know PART – II

We hope you enjoyed reading the first part of this article. If you haven’t, you can read it here. As promised, we are back with more expert insights on white label app reselling. Read on.


Choosing a White Label Partner: What to look out for


Choosing the right app development partner is of absolute importance. If you end up with a wrong partner, it might lead to months of delay, poor user experience, frequent bugs, wasted time and money – and what not! Here are nine things you should look out for while choosing your white label app development partner.


1.    Ease of use
What’s the point of opting for a DIY platform if it doesn’t make the app building process fairly easy? It’s crucial that the platform you deploy to make your first app has a smooth learning curve and allows you to build awesome apps from the scratch, fast and easy.


2.    Robust training and premium support
Go for a mobile agency that can offer expert solutions to your technical and marketing dilemmas. App builders like Instappy not only provide high-priority live support from the help desk but also assign a dedicated personal account manager to its reseller partners.


3.    Unlimited Customisation
A mobile app is an extension of a brand and must be coherent with its elements, be it the icon, background colours, fonts or content. Choose an app builder that puts unlimited customisation at your customers’ fingertips so that they can make their own app the way they want it, to the littlest details.


4.    Premium training and marketing support
With more agencies and individuals jumping on the mobile bandwagon, cutting through the clutter in the app market has become trickier. You might be offering excellent services but you won’t have a shot at reaching your prospects unless you market your value proposition right. Your white label partner should provide you with tools and support you need to sell the value of a mobile app to your clients – marketing materials, promotional kits and even local business leads.


5.    Dashboard access for your clients
Prefer the white label platform that offers a branded customisable dashboard access to your clients. The dashboard should give them full control on making updates, sending notifications, accessing user data and more. And make sure, you get to decide which parts of the interface your clients can access.


6.    Advanced analytics tools
The app builder you choose should offer your clients real time data analytics and live stats reporting on their app. Advanced analytics tools enable users to take smarter, data oriented decisions, helping them track where are their customers, demographics, downloads, app usage and more. This data is vital for your clients and gives you a leg up on the competition as a white label platform.


7.    Unlimited updates
Make sure the app builder you choose gives your users the option to tweak and update their apps, fast and easy. App builders that come loaded with built-in CMS panel allows users to instantly update their apps on-the-fly with text, rich media images and high definition videos.


8.    Advanced simulation tools
Pick an app builder that comes loaded with advanced simulation tools, enabling your clients to get a live preview of their app while they are creating it. Reseller plans from Instappy come with white label Instappy Wizards. The wizards offer state of the art premium on-device app testing to your clients – in real time. All visible references to Instappy are removed in published apps.


9.    Widgets and social APIs
The reseller partner you choose should offer a wide range of widgets and social APIs. This will enable you to create a custom app for almost any type of industry, be it real estate, restaurants, magazines, universities or salons.


A Word of Advice: Before you get started


Excluding is an art. If you do it right, you won’t lose business, so say the experts.


The biggest mistake app resellers make is trying to market to the masses. By targeting everyone, you’ll reach no one. A smarter head start is to define your target audience. Ask yourself, "Who am I doing this for?" Focusing on specific sectors, zero in your target clients. Leave out sectors, you are not equipped to deliver a top notch product to. Having a variety of industry-specific apps in your portfolio will build your credibility and set you up as an industry expert.


You can also consider giving a free trial period to your prospective clients. This way, they will get an idea of the results they could achieve by going mobile.


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