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Why your business needs an app today?

Mobile apps have become an essential marketing tool for big and small businesses, but they are particularly helpful for small business and SOHO setups. Why? Because apps enable you to reach out to a wider audience in a personalised manner, hence creating an intimate connect. When Kate Burton of Remix Coffee Co. needed an effective way to promote her on-the-go coffee truck, someone suggested developing a mobile app for her truck. She acted on the suggestion and did have an app made.


Soon, her business saw an increment of 85% in sales with a 10% increase in repeat customers -a big deal for a mobile beverage business. This is what a simple app that informed customers about the coffee trucks location and hours of operation could achieve. This is how a mobile app helps your business; it leverages your services beyond expectations.

Apps can do a whole lot for you. How exactly ? Let’s find out.


They work as a promotional tool – While a website acts as a one-stop-shop for your business and services, mobile apps help you take your product across demographics to reach out to a large group of people. This in turn makes it easy for you to take your business beyond predetermined limits. A case in point is when Dr.Robert Lofsky, a vet by profession setup his veterinary clinic, he launched a mobile app promoting his business with offers such as free check-ups for pets, the results were phenomenal. The app helped him build a large clientele and helped his business grow. Such speedy results would have been quite impossible and would have taken a whole lot of time and effort without the app.


Help monetise business – Yes, it is a fact that there is a fair bit of investment required towards building an effective online mobile app and it can be a bit of a costly affair, but the benefits you reap are also tremendous. To bring down your cost, platforms like Instappy come in handy with their instant and intuitive tools for creating an app without any coding requirements.  Online shopping giant Myntra gets 60% sales through its mobile app only. It is the reason why the company has moved beyond their website to focus primarily on the mobile app to bring in more business.


Such is the power of a mobile app. It reaches out to people as they go about their daily lives and draws their attention to you without being intrusive.


Expand the reach – Apps allow you a larger playing field when it comes to reaching out to people who don't conventionally fall in your ‘reach triangle’. With an app you can touch lives in a more personal way with day-to-day interactions and pop-ups about offers and freebies. Also, it gives you control over word of mouth. People talk about mobile apps among their peers. Information coming from a trusted source is received fairly well, generally spreading the good word, which results in good coverage and helps get much needed exposure for businesses.


Mobile apps are an imperative tool to promote your business but before that, it is important to understand the need of a mobile app for your business. Once you are settled on that, the stage is set for you. Experiment a little with the layout to make it visually impressive but keep in mind the tonality of your brand. So far, mobile apps are on an upsurge and it is highly unlikely for the scenario to change in near future.


With Instappy, the new app-building platform, your business gets a new breath of life with instant, intuitive, fully-native apps. That too, without any coding knowledge.


It’s undoubtedly, the next big thing for new age businesses.


How To Create Your Own App




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