How DIY App platforms are empowering small businesses

29 May 2017 Financial Express


DIY platforms are opening new avenues for budding businesses and professionals as they neither have to worry about technical aspects, nor the initial capital requirement.

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4 Platforms to Push your Startup Ahead of the Crowd


As building your startup is a long term affair and with thousands of start-ups taking off each year, it is essential to adopt the right tools to stay in the right direction. With the need to be frugal in their operations, it isn’t feasible for the start-ups to invest a fortune in the labour pool or on the technology or marketing front. Therefore, to kick-start your small business, you would need access to the ideal set of tools tailored just to suit your needs.

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5 Online Platforms That Will Make Small Businesses Grow Bigger

15 May 2017 Pocket News Alert
Instappy Running a small business results in a lots of work on your plate. And if looking for ways to increase productivity and visibility of your venture is one of them, then here are the platforms which might be just what you need. There are thousands of brilliant website platforms out there, but which is best for your small business? To help you decide, here is list of Five Platforms that assist in making small businesses bigger.
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Instappy unlocks greater functionality for app owners

14 Feb 2017 Business Standard
smartphone-appsInstappy, the cloud-based rapid mobile application development platform, announced the launch of several new features for apps created through it. The new launched features will allow app owners on Instappy to add live chats, host chat rooms, build dedicated communities, add photo galleries, and enable exclusive media download through their mobile apps for the first time ever on an RMAD platform.
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Riding a Harley and having a vision The story of Instappy’s Ambika Sharma

9 Feb 2017 Venture Chronicle

ambika-sharma-founder-of-pulp-strategyIf you are a new business, trying hard to penetrate into the competitive market, only you know how tough it is to crack the success code. Dealing in the internet platform, an app can do wonder. But developing an app isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of investments involved. But if we say you can DO IT YOURSELF.

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Five Industries Which Saw the Maximum Shift Towards Mobility Post-Demonetisation

2 Feb 2017 BW Disrupt

Mobile AppsDemonetisation – the effect that this single word has had on the Indian psyche has been unprecedented in recent times. Debates and fiery discussions have raged about the efficacy of the move, but what is indisputable is the telling impact it has had on the country’s digital readiness.

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Customizable DIY Apps Will be the Next Big Thing for Brands in 2017

20 Jan 2017 Entrepreneur India
DIY App BuilderTo say that the world today runs on mobile apps will not be an understatement. Think about it. Shopping, travel itineraries, financial transactions, entertainment, communications – tapping a few buttons on a mobile screen is all we need to do to accomplish most of our day-to-day functions. This is why a recent report by App Annie, a global business intelligence and analytics firm, has predicted the global mobile app industry to be worth more than $101 billion by 2020
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Poor Internet, data connectivity biggest challenge facing IT startups: MD,

9 Jan 2017 SME Times
InstappyA cloud based do-it-yourself (DIY) rapid mobile app development platform, Instappy allows businesses, organizations and individuals to create customized native applications for Android and iOS platforms. It is one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use click based interface, which allows users who do not know coding to develop feature-laden apps easily.
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Top five industries that became app-savvy in 2016

Instappy App MakerStatistics underline this paradigm shift in consumer behaviour. More Google searches now take place through mobile devices than they do through laptop and PC-based browsers, while 37% of all website traffic now comes through mobile phones. A Google report titled ‘Micro-moments’ estimated that smartphone owners, on an average, check their phones 150 times on a daily basis, and spend nearly 177 minutes of every day on their smartphones. Of this, nearly 90% of the time is dedicatedly spent on apps.
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How to Develop App for Your Business Without Any Coding Knowledge

28 Dec 2016 Tea Time Reads
AppMaker onlineAre you a businessman wanting to give your business more online exposure? Are you planning to create an app for your business but do not want to spend too much money on app development? Then, Worry not. We have put together a list of five extremely easy to use apps that will help you to develop an app for your business without having any knowledge of coding.
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