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Program Details

  • Pro Apps
    Add Native Mobile apps to your services Our reseller program is designed to enable and equip design agencies, advertising, marketing and web development agencies to Add App development to their existing service portfolio instantly, and enable individuals to set up an app development service company within a few days.
  • E Commerece App
    White label Solution Design mobile apps for your clients and release them under your or your client’s accounts. Our enterprise plans also come with a dashboard panel with only your branding!
  • Enterprise Application
    Dashboard access for your clients Get individual dashboard access for your clients with a CMS panel which enables full app control and updates, unlimited notifications, app analytics, user data access and more.
  • Real Estate App
    Discounts on bulk pricing We have generous discounts with over 80% off for our partners. Build hundreds of apps with Instappy without investing in any coding or development + Earn additional revenue with App marketing and related services for your clients.
  • Travel App
    Training and premium support Our Instappy partner plan is truly business success in a box. We train your teams, provide premium online support, marketing materials, promotional kits and even local business leads. What’s more? You get your very own account manager.
  • Native Apps
    Your own Wizard app Our enterprise plans come with your very own white label Instappy wizards. With your branding and launched under your account. The wizard’s enable you to offer state of the art premium on device app testing to your clients.

Reasons to become an Instappy partner

Gartner forecasts that by 2017, demand for enterprise mobile apps would outstrip available development capacity five to one. This inevitable demand-supply gap is a wake-up calls for businesses to jumpstart their app development, your client are building or planning to build mobile apps for their business already. The question is that are they building with you or looking for alternate companies for this service?

Mobile App development is an industry on the fast track already worth billions of dollars and growing; Building your business offering to include mobile solutions will help retain existing clients, increase new client acquisition and help your company stay ahead of competition.

  • Business Apps
    Set up your App development company instantly
  • M Commerece
    Add mobile apps to your existing business services
  • Retail Apps
    Build revenue from your existing clients
  • Business Shopping Apps
    Stay ahead of Competition
  • Retailer Apps
    Acquire new clients

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