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ABSS Theatre Group – When Art Meets an App

The Beginning


Born to a middle class family in Lucknow, Rajendra Tiwari has an innate knack for performing arts which matured, with time, into an urge to disseminate art among the aspiring youth of today. Hence, was born A.B.S.S. group on Oct 2, 1990 in Lucknow, with merely 12 members. Cut to the present, the group has hundreds of patrons wishing to make it big in Films and Television under the guidance of Mr. Tiwari whose experience of more than 30 years makes him a theatre veteran.


With a dream to set-up the biggest theatre group in Mumbai, Rajendra Tiwari braved all odds in the fast paced city of dreams and started A.B.S.S there. Since then, A.B.S.S. group has been gaining a steady momentum in conducting theatre shows, nukkadnatak, films, telefilms, radio, TV series and a repertoire of shows in Hindi and Awadhi.


Going the Distance



“A.B.S.S is my family. A family that’ll be forever incomplete. Because talent is perennial in India. There’s always room for that next budding actor, dancer, writer in our group”, says Mr. Tiwari.


But it was easier said than done. Reaching out to the nook and corner of the country for fresh talents was a challenge.


“Not only members, our followers and audience have also been growing steadily, since our inception. How wonderful would it be if we stay with them and they stay with us, all the time?” He laughs.


An App as an Answer


Instappy gave A.B.S.S. group a panoramic view. He found the best evangelist for his brand in the content publishing app by Instappy and named it ABSS Theatre Group


1. Portfolio of the group displayed in the most impressive manner under neat categorization of stage shows, road shows, film and television

2. Aspiring artists can get the details of the group and express their interest by contacting Mr. Tiwari through the app

3. Details of the upcoming events in an organised calendar for the audience

4. People can view the plays, like and share them on social media


Spreading the Word



Convinced that the ABSS Theatre Group app can take his group to places, Rajendra Tiwari has been promoting his app in all possible ways.


1. A prominent link on the homepage of the website to prompt visitors to download

2. Training the members to spread the word among their families, friends and on social media

3. A.B.S.S. has its own Whatsapp group, through which it keeps in touch with its members as well ardent patrons. Dropping a word there also helped him get more downloads

4. The A.B.S.S Facebook Page has a huge array of followers. Mr. Tiwari talks about his app there as well.


Although talent has its own wings, an app can help a brand like A.B.S.S. scouting talent, fly higher.



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