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Fat Loss with Mark

A fitting app for the fitness business 


Mark Anthony Saiedaei, a fitness enthusiast based in the city of Mallorca, Spain has been running a fitness website, and quite successfully so. With over 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, Mark has helped transform the lives of thousands of people wanting to lose fat, get fit and increase their confidence!


Fat Loss with Mark

A mobile app to notch up the business

Mark’s website generated a decent amount of traffic, but he always felt that his fitness business was yet to achieve its full potential.


“Going mobile seemed to be the right thing to do. As a fitness enthusiast, I felt the need to build an app so that people can know about a proper exercise routine while following a healthy diet according to their body type – all through their mobile phones.”


A fully-functional mobile app also helped Mark’s business to stand out from the competition and reach the target audience in a more personalized manner.


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Discovering Instappy – The smarter way to go mobile

Offering a plethora of themes, cards, screens, background colors, API's and widgets, Instappy equips businesses and individuals to turn their app idea into a mobile reality down to the last details. The gym and fitness app needed a lot of video and picture content to be uploaded in the app, without making the app heavy. Instappy enable businesses to host HQ photo gallery and HD video gallery in their mobile app – without having to write a single line of code.


“While building the app, I received a great support from the backend team to finish my app as soon as possible. One problem that often crops up while having your own app is regularly updating it. With Instappy, I did not face such an issue as free updates were included in the Platinum package. Instappy’s after-sale service was exceptionally good. The team was knowledgeable and very prompt in responding.”


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The value-added feature

Looking at the features set that Instappy offers, it is hard to choose which features may gel well with your app. Similarly, Mark was impressed with most of the features Instappy offered, but the one feature that really added value was the ability to modify his app anywhere and anytime.


“Instappy had a lot to offer in terms of basic and interactive features. I bought the Platinum pro content publishing package which had all the features required to grow my business – unlimited push notifications, social media integration and much more.”


Instappy’s push notification feature keeps all the users up to date with the latest developments. Mark used Facebook and Instagram as a user engagement platform to upload pictures of their incredible transformations and motivating others.


Meal Recipes

What difference did it make to your business?

Fitness is becoming a priority for more and more people,and they need a personal fitness trainer to help them choose the right way to get fit. Mark wanted to tap a wider sect of audience by providing them a glimpse of basic exercises so that the users turn up to be premium members of his app. Mark deployed in-app purchases of advanced workouts and healthy recipes to make more money. He also credited the app for its fair share of contribution towards global awareness.


“Through powerful push notification feature and robust social media integration, the app has definitely taken my brand to the next level. It is still in initial phase, but the overall feedback from my friends and followers has been positive. I can see a bright future for my app in today’s fitness industry as people are moving from fat to fit.”


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Fat Loss with Mark


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