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The bald truth is ‘Bald is not Beautiful’. Atleast for those who are facing hair fall problem and looking to get rid of it. Fret not, the solution is just a click away!


Based in Delhi, Gaurav Hair Clinic is one of the coveted hair wig manufacturer and supplier of Men's Hair Wig, Women Wig, Wig Accessories and Wig Adhesive. They also offer hair weaving and hair bonding services. Boasting of the best team of technicians and advanced equipment, Gaurav Hair Clinic is not your average hair clinic. Being in the industry for more than a decade they have a good amount of experience and can understand every kind of hair related problems and work accordingly.


What Made Them Go the App Way?


In the words of Mr. Banwari Lal, one of the co-founders of Gaurav Hair Clinic, “Ours is the kind of business that runs on word-of-mouth. We needed a robust marketing channel and that’s when we thought of going mobile. The idea was to reach the potential customers before the competitors did and in this smartphone age, I think having a mobile app for our business was the best way to get ahead of the game.”


He continues, “But to be very honest, we didn’t have the budget or bandwidth to hire professional designers and developers or shell out huge sum for custom app development. So we started looking for a viable alternative and that’s when we stumbled upon Instappy, the DIY app builder. It had all the features we were looking for and some more. Moreover, the pricing was too good to pass up.”


How Was it Building the App on Instappy?


The best thing about Instappy as a DIY app building platform is that it is very intuitive. Boasting of a smooth learning curve, Instappy puts unlimited customisation at your finger tips. With a plethora of templates, background colours, screens and APIs to choose from, it gives you the complete creative freedom to make your app look exactly the way you want it, to the finest details.


“We started off by making a simple prototype on pen and paper. It took a while for us to collect high-resolution images and content of our offerings. Once we’d all the material, everything fell into place. Making the app merely took 45 minutes and the app came out really fine. I just love how professional our app looks. Better yet, Instappy  took care of the submission,” says Banwari Lal.


For someone who doesn’t speak tech or has the bandwidth to hire a pro developer, Instappy is the easiest path to mobile app development – It’s fast, cost-effective and better yet, involves no coding.


Having a dedicated mobile app totally made sense for Gaurav Hair Clinic! It helped them –


-> Showcase their products and services

-> Acquire new users and engage existing ones

-> Build brand recognition

-> Stand out from the competition

-> Run loyalty schemes

-> Send geo-targeted push notifications

-> Add a direct marketing channel to their business

-> Monetise through third-party ads


Powered by Instappy, Gaurav Hair Clinic has received raving reviews from the community for its user experience. They’ve received a warm welcome from their existing customers as well. One of our favourite was, This app is bang on! As their customer, I totally needed this …”


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Gaurav Hair Clinic


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