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H.S Rawat – When stars align on an app

5 million predictions, all 100 percent accurate; this is enough to turn even the sternest non-believer into a patron.Dr. H.S Rawat


Dr. H.S. Rawat is one of the most celebrated astrologers of India who has been delivering predictions that leave no scopes of doubt. He brings together the past, the present and the future with great dexterity, right before the seeker. Dr. Rawat is the first astrologer to teach astrology through television. Watch him daily in a programme called Jyotish sikhiye on Aastha TV. Other channels where his programmes are frequently telecasted includeJagran, Dishaand Sadhna.Apart from self-help books on astrology, Dr. Rawat has authored nearly 10 academic astrological books, where he talks extensively on subjects like ChikitsaJyotish(medical astrology), AnkJyotish(numerology), Hasthrekha (Palmistry) Kundli Milan (Horoscope matching) and many more. Honoured with a doctorate by ‘Maharshiparasharjyotishvidyalay’, Dr. Rawat wanted just one thing- to answer more and more people with questions and solve the mysteries of life for them.


Astrology in an app- a rare amalgamation


Dr. Rawat, a forward-thinking man, never showed any aversion to technology. He took his immense knowledge in Astrology far and wide by going online. The H.S.Rawat app by Instappy is the hub for people seeking answers, like those looking for the perfect time to step into their new home or to bring in a new member to the family. The app delivers matchless consultation by Dr. Rawat on life predictions, career advices, auspicious dates and time for wedding, grihpravesh, property buying and selling, foreign travel, suggestions for naming the child and on many more occasions.


Dr. H.S Rawat

The content publishing app H.S Rawat was developed and launched on Google Play Store by Instappy. “I always knew I had to take the online route to reach out in a better way to people seeking astro-help as well as people wishing to learn astrology. This app would have been created some 3-4 years ago, but my problem was that I could not invest much time into creating an app. When I got to know about instant apps by Instappy, I had no reasons left to delay my app any further”, says Dr. H.S. Rawat.


Sleek, good looking, and with appropriate categorisation according to occasions and purposes, downloads for H.S. Rawat app picked up as soon as it got launched. The app has the following amazing features:


-> Direct booking of appointments

-> Vastu suggestions and stone remedies

-> Information about all the courses offered by their institute – AstroWorld

-> Details of the books authored by H.S. Rawat

-> Muhurats, latest events and horoscopes

-> Click to Call facility


Dr. Rawat says, “I wanted to benefit people who are living overseas or in other cities of India. With this app, I now can.”


The app is being actively and intelligently promoted through Dr. Rawat’s vast circle of friends, family, students and patrons. He has been talking about it on social media. Soon the app is expected to reside on hundreds of phones across India and throughout the world.


So now we know, what’s common between astrology and technology.


Dr. H.S. Rawat


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