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Let’s Start – A Journey of Learning scaled with an app

It is said, half the battle is won, if you start right. Driven by this philosophy and a strong urge to transform learning for today’s generation, Richa Aggarwal, a teacher and an entrepreneur, envisioned Let’s Start, a playschool with a difference.Let's Start Programmes


Step into a Let’s Start facility and your childhood comes alive in bright crayon paintings, building blocks and rhymes playing in the background. Let’s Start is much more than all this, though.


“While kids seek fun, parents are more inclined towards learning. Here at Let’s Start we bring both together. Children raised at Let’s Start walk away with values and virtues for life,” says Richa, who is trained in Montessori and Play-way teaching methodology.


Choosing Bellandur, Karnataka as the base, Richa plans to take Let’s Start all over the state and thereafter, across the country.


Learning it the app way

A Journey of learning

Though Let’s Start already has a website and presence in Twitter and Facebook, Richa, who has the curiosity of a child, realized the need for a stronger digital presence. Blame it on time crunch or lack of funds, she procrastinated with the thought of creating an app for months. But with the advent of Instappy, there wasn’t any reason left to delay the app any further.


It took us just few hours to put together an app on Instappy; we shot some fresh photographs of our school and kids in candid, carefree moments. Instappy allowed us to use them on their vibrant templates. It was amazingly simple. Definitely, a boon for people hard-pressed for time, like me,” says Richa, who is overjoyed to see her app doing well on the Google PlayStore.


The Let’s Start App works wonders for both parents as well as the school.


-> Pleasing, fun, design

-> Easy navigation

-> Notification pushed on any new development at the school

-> Parents informed and updated on the daily activities at the school of their kids

-> Teachers can inform the parents on Diary, Alerts, Circulars, Events and Galleries, Holiday Calendar, School Notices, School Timetables, Absentee Forms, School Documents, and much more

-> Information about the school

-> Admission process and details

-> Latest images of kids at school


“Let’s Start is not just a school. The parents and kids associated with our school form our circle of friends. With each passing day, this circle grows bigger. We are glad to have a tool that is helping us stay in touch with every point in this circle, no matter how big it grows. Launching the Let’s Start app is definitely the second best decision I have made; the first one being laying the foundation of Let’s Start”, says Richa.


Be it entrepreneurship or early learning, an app is all it takes to take things a notch up.


Lets Start


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