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Preet Gymnasium App – A Complete Fitness Center

Based in Delhi, Preet Gymnasium is a reputed gym and fitness center serving hundreds of fitness enthusiasts around the town. Built in a sprawling 3800 sq. ft. area, Preet Gymnasium is equipped with all kinds of imported fitness and training equipment. Their professional team of trainers focus on each individual, designing customised fitness routines to help them stay motivated.

What Made Them Go the App Way?

Fitness industry has grown leaps and bounds through the last decade. And with gyms & fitness centers blooming up on every street corner, getting lost in the noise is easy. From a business standpoint, going mobile seemed to be a smart way to catch up with fitness enthusiasts who are increasingly switching to apps and smart watches for the littlest things through the day from setting the morning alarm to booking a table for lunch; from socialising with friends to planning their trips.


Mr.Preet, founder of Preet Gymnasium, was looking for a way to stay at the cutting-edge of fitness revolution but without incurring huge sums on hiring agencies or professional developers. In his own words, “As a fitness business, we always realised the importance of going the app way. But considering the high costs and technical nuances involved in custom app development, we almost dropped off our app building plans. It was at that time, we heard about Instappy from one of our gym members. We made some good old-fashioned research on our own and discovered that it is one of the best and most cost-effective app development platforms out there. Without wasting any more time, we picked a pro content app package and got started on our app right away.”

How Was It Building the App on Instappy?

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Offering a plethora of themes, cards, screens, background colours, API's and widgets, Instappy equips businesses and individuals to turn their app idea into a mobile reality down to the last details.


“Everything worked like a charm right from the moment we picked a theme to the moment we got it published on the Google Play Store. The technical support team rocks, be it their knowledge or the willingness to lend a helping hand,” says Mr. Preet.


The best thing about choosing Instappy is that it comes with built-in CMS for making unlimited updates to the app for free, rather than paying professional codes and designers to make changes.

What Difference Did It Make to Our Business?

In the words of Mr. Preet, “Gymnasium app has had a dramatic impact on business and customer engagement. Not only have we witnessed an upsurge in new member registration, but also a substantial improvement in member attendance and engagement on social platforms.” He continues, “Our member are simply thrilled at all what they can do with this app.”


With this app on their mobile devices, the gym members can quickly and easily register for classes, book a workout times slot of their choice, log their fitness exercises, keep a track of their progress, know more about the trainers, manage their stats and do a lot more.

Preet Gymnasium App has helped us to –

Preet Gymnasium App

1. Showcase our packages

2. Strengthen brand presence

3. Schedule fitness events and special

4. Send personalised push notifications to members

5. Add a direct marketing channel to our business

6. Run loyalty programs

7. Monetise through third-party ads

8. Build and strengthen the connection with our customers


We are very excited about the future prospects and soon planning to run mobile loyalty programs and referral schemes on our app to seed further expansion of our fitness business. 


Be our next success story. Click here and get started on a gorgeous mobile app for your business today!


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