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SognoInterno – The world of luxury furnishing and interiors in an app

Q. What’s common between nature and furniture?SognoInterno


A. Both come together at SognoInterno.


Step into a Sogno store and you’ll be transported to a pristine natural landscape with autumn leaves, ivy climbers and dew drops exquisitely crafted on wood and metal. With a dedicated team of 500 skilled artisans, SognoInterno is the prime Italian furniture store in Delhi. Conceived by Pooja Choudhary, who with her sense of art and inspirations drawn from her visits to Europe, gives Sogno an identity with her discrete, subtle and refined designs.


“Our aim is to conceive, rediscover and stylishly design our daily habitat. Every home has a soul. Our designs speak for the soul of a home and the best part is our belief in creating more out of less. We have been creating exclusive Italian furniture, closets and kitchen at a competitive price. We aim to have a piece of Sogno in every home that values creativity.”


But to reach out to every home, Sogno had to stretch.


An app is all it takes



Sogno got a stunning, highly robust content publishing app created with Instappy. “Our products have come alive on the Sogno app! Our close customers and the first group of people we took an opinion from are highly impressed with the way the app has enlivened the brand.”


The Sogno app has taken the brand a notch up with features like,


-> Categories and filters, down to the color and type of the furniture

-> Customers can like and share a product on social channels

-> Click to call functionality to take the deal forward

-> Flexibility for unlimited updates through a CMS panel

-> Intuitive design and seamless navigation to keep visitors hooked

-> Rich and brilliant photo gallery


Sogno is now live on Google Play Store and is ranking quite well. It is being marketed very smartly by its stakeholders especially, Pooja. From advocating on social media to asking even friends of friends to download, rate and review the app; Pooja is leaving no stones unturned to promote the app. The SognoInterno website has a prominent link for visitors to download the app. The Sogno YouTube channel also spreads the word about the app at the end of the video.


“Now I realize, having an app is like having my brand’s evangelist on every phone. It’s amazing!” says a very-thrilled Pooja.




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