Campagin Tracker

Instappy’s Campaign Tracker is a campaign management solution that empowers the marketers to track, manage and communicate effectively and effortlessly with its team involved in a campaign, irrespective of their locations.

The Campaign Tracker is apt for field teams engaged in branding, POP, POS, retail, event and ISP initiatives. It covers communication, tracking and location of the field force working on a particular campaign, ensuring private and secure data sharing like campaign details, field force details, location, images and forms. The campaign tracker blends application and intelligence to give a cutting edge experience that automatically tracks an activity and proposes a robust integration of the marketers with their campaigns.

Download the demo version of Campaign Tracker for free and witness first-hand how you can immensely benefit from its feature rich offering and high value capabilities. You will be able to get hands-on experience of the host of functionalities, utilities, and tools it offers, and see how your organizational and marketing goals can be aligned with it.  

You can then get a white-label solution for your enterprise, and we’ll be happy to provide full training and orientation to your teams so that they can instantly adapt and start streamlining and organizing their processes better, all on their mobile.

Here’s how you can benefit from Campaign Tracker: