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Enterprise Apps

With Instappy’s enterprise solutions, you can now streamline your on-field initiatives and better manage your mobile workforce. Get two white label solutions- Sales Team Tracker and Campaign Tracker. Manage complete tasks like team management, on-the-go attendance and location tracking, and inventory as well as order management. Add transparency, control, and accountability to your business with your own Enterprise Mobile Application. Develop a one-stop-solution to streamline track resources, increase management visibility, and improve organisational efficiency. Get the most effective business tracker for your business, only with Instappy.

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Sales Team Tracker

Instappy's Sales Team Tracker is a comprehensive solution that enables you to stay on top of your sales teams at all times. Manage multiple sales teams at once in a structured, transparent, and efficient manner. With Sales Team Tracker, you can create single point of access to information, streamlining processes that currently involve multiple software applications. Your salesforce will have instant access to all the necessary account information, past interactions with the client, and the key people in the relationship. Through a simple interface, they can issue quotations, update their accounts, and manage their databases, right from opportunities to closures.

  • Account management
  • Effective forecasting
  • Order management
  • Meeting tracker
  • Stay connected to your fieldforce 24*7
  • Better reporting of sales efforts and conversions

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Campaign Tracker

Instappy's Campaign Tracker is a campaign management solution that empowers the marketers to track, manage and communicate effectively and effortlessly with its team involved in a campaign, irrespective of their locations. The Campaign Tracker covers communication, tracking and location of the fieldforce working on a particular campaign, ensuring private and secure data sharing like campaign details, fieldforce details, location, images and forms. The campaign tracker blends application and intelligence to give a cutting edge experience that automatically tracks an activity and proposes robust integration of the marketers with their campaigns.

  • Efficiency in operations
  • Effective monitoring of mobile resources
  • Reduced time on MIS
  • Better reporting
  • On-the-go training
  • No overlapping of efforts

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Manage your mobile workforce better and drive success for your company with a customised mobile enterprise app.

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Automate tasks like attendance management, location tracking of your mobile workforce, and MIS reporting with Instappy's Campaign Tracker.

Instappy's Sales Team Tracker will help your on-field sales team in recording and accessing necessary account information and help you keep a track of all of their activities throughout the sales process.

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