Sales Team Tracker

Instappy’s Sales Team Tracker is a comprehensive solution that enables you to stay on top of your sales teams at all times. Manage multiple sales teams at once in a structured, transparent, and efficient manner. Sales Team Tracker works best for small to large sales teams, field sales forces, and door to door sales teams. You can create a single point of access to information, streamlining processes that currently involve multiple software applications. Your sales force will have instant access to all the necessary account information, past interaction with the client, and the key people in the relationship. Through a simple interface, they can issue quotations, update their accounts, and manage their databases, right from opportunities to closures. Never miss a lead or a deadline, only with Instappy.

Download the demo version of Sales Team Tracker for free and witness first-hand how you can immensely benefit from its feature rich offering and high value capabilities. You will be able to get hands-on experience of the host of functionalities, utilities, and tools it offers, and see how your organizational and marketing goals can be aligned with it.

  You can then get a white-label solution for your enterprise, and we’ll be happy to provide full training and orientation to your teams so that they can instantly adapt and start streamlining and organizing their processes better, all on their mobile.

Here’s why Sales Team Tracker is what you need:
  • Created for a wide range of industries

    Sales Team Tracker has been developed to assist the sales process of organizations from all domains. Whether you’re into FMCG or IT and Software, Sales Team Tracker can streamline your sales process and prevent overlapping of sales efforts.
  • On-the-move Account Management

    With Instappy’s easy-to-use interface, your sales teams can now update all of their dealings with clients (and potential clients) in a systematic and timely manner so that everyone involved in the chain can stay updated.
  • Effective Forecasting

    With Instappy’s superior data analytics tools, you can study past trends your clients have been showing and promptly forecast future orders, inventory requirements, and lean periods.
  • Seamless Order Management

    As every client interaction is updated on a central platform, order management becomes easier than ever before. Identify opportunities and leads, issue quotations, record every client dealing in the sales cycle.
  • Stay connected to your field force 24*7

    Experience connectivity like never before. With Instappy, you can now be in touch with your field force and keep a track of their activities.
  • MIS on-the-go

    Now manage reports, closures, and performance of multiple sales teams while on-the-move.
  • Track Meetings

    Stay updated with all the meetings your sales teams are attending and get reports instantaneously. You will never miss a beat with Instappy.
  • Track Sales Cycle

    Track your customers’ complete purchase cycle from lead to closure, to billing.